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Feeling the LOVE into manifested experience

The reality IS……in our current state of conscious awareness, for the most part, the majority of we do NOT see what is ‘coming around the corner’, what is manifesting with our very next breath, what MAY arise in our day, week, journey, life.

That means we are essentially ‘walking blind’, living in the NOW, unaware of the vastness of that which IS at this very moment unseen and yet manifesting itSELF into our very next NOW.

So what IS ONE to DO with this realization of our constant state of unknowing, instability, insecurity, no guarantees?

Remember LOVElies……

we and ALL else that ever was, is or will BE IS…………. Energy.

Keep the flow of that which emanates from YOU aligned with that which YOU would like to manifest into yOUR life.…….

and by aligning self what I refer to is the feelings you [would] feel, the thoughts you [would] think, when all that you desire is manifest.

Oui, c’est tout. 😀

**Special Note:

I know there is much about being as detailed as possible, as specific as you can regarding that which you are desiring and wanting to align yourself with……..

Here’s the thing…..

There are an INFINITE, let me repeat, INFINITE number of ways by which that which YOU desire, that which brings YOU BlissFull HAPPYness may manifest physically.

In fact, there are sooooooooo many possible ways that there are ways you may never have even fathomed, indeed, there may be ways that you would have thought completely, utterly, totally counterindicative thereto and yet…… these miraculous, magical manifesting ways dreams DO come true. 😀

Sooooooooooo, as ONEderFull as it IS to get detailed and specific, MORE IMPORTANT than the actual “what DOes it look like”, “how DOes it happen” aspect of our detailed specificity IS the FEELING of how we shall feel to have that which we desire.

In other words, when sending forth your energy frequency, when thinking of the things you desire, maintain an openness to the infinte number of ways it may manifest whilst keeping a firm hold upon the fabYOUlousness it brings forth withIN yOUR feeling and sensing BEingness.

So, you may say something like this:

I send forth my energy for the manifestation actualized physically within my experience of beingness for that which inspires and incites my HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.

BLISSedly BE it IS. _(l)_***
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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