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Finding comfort in the uncomfortable

When uncomfortable we wish to feel comfortable and yet continue to focus on the discomfort.

To increase comfort in an uncomfortable situation, seek out whatever comfort, however miniscule it may be, and focus there upon.

Here are a couple of easily relatable examples:

~You are feeling uncomfortable in your body. You are wanting to lose or gain weight, increase or decrease your muscle or fat mass, tone or loosen up, etc…..

Choose to focus not on those aspects of self that are increasing your discomfort, but those that increase it with relation thereto. So you may want to gain weight and increase your muscle mass however, your calves happen to be quite perfect to you right now as they are, in your eyes. Speaking of which, you happen to really love your own eyes.

How ya feel’n now? Now that you are looking at aspects of self that you like rather than dislike?
How much more [or less] likely are you now to take actions that will increase that feeling?

~You are feeling uncomfortable about your finances. You are either wanting more, wanting to handle it better, wanting to feel better about it, etc….

Instead of focusing on what brings discomfort regarding finances, look for examples of your self as it relates to finances that make you feel good about yourself and your relationship to finances. Change your perspective.

For example, you may wish to be spending your money more wisely. Then, ask yourself where you already are spending your money more wisely and give yourself examples of how it is you are wise with finances in general, both with self and others. And finally, recognize that you are. You have not only survived but thrived whilst so doing and are standing here today able to ask your self these questions and therefore take any steps you are so inspired to take to expand upon the fabyoulousness you have already created.

Which foundational energetic launching pad do you prefer to begin from?

It is in choosing to come from a position that is bathed in love, that is seeking out the positive, we diminish our discomfort and increase our comfort.…..and ain’t that the path we’d ALL prefer to BE on? 😀

**Please note, if the “uncomfortable situation” you find yourself within is one that is abusive, one in which harm to self or another is an issue to contend with, then the best way to find comfort in an uncomfortable situation for you is to get out of it.
The discomfort spoken to herein has more to do with one’s mental state in relation to a harmless physically manifest situation.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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