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Focus on the Positive

Question: Hello Roni, I want to thank you for all of your enlightening words of wisdom, they have really been a place of solace and comfort to me in many circumstances in my life. Right now though I seem to be completely stuck in a rut of debilitating anxiety and am hoping you may have some specific insight and guidance for me.
You have often mentioned that we should focus on the positive. Unfortuately, my life right now is anything but positive. Everything in my life is falling apart all around me. Everything I have grown comfortable with in my life, the things that I count on in my life have all crumbled and I am now doing everything I can to put the pieces back together again. I am even taking steps to do things I have either never done or haven’t done in decades. I feel like I’m losing my mind. How can I focus on the positive????
Yours in gratitude and love,
Anxiety ridden

Hello Angel, }*{
Thank YOU so very much for writing, for sharing your story that we may together assist ALL.

that your actions of love shall be met with loving support and all that you require and intentionally desire shall be actualized manifest.

Focus on the things you are DOing now to assist yourself in this situation you are in. As you stated, you are doing things you have either never done or have not done in decades. This means you have opened up doors of opportunity for self that were otherwise not open or unknown to you before. This means that opportunity IS available.
Keep in mind as we send our ‘feelers’ out into the world, our energy, thoughts, feelings, take ACTions – as YOU ARE……we see NOT where these may be rippling out to, who may be receiving them, being affected, stimulated, motivated by them, until such time that they are made known to us.
For example, you may have chosen to apply for new employment. You send out your resumes to all of these places and then you have to wait to see what the affect of your actions will be. Until you hear back from any of these places you do NOT know what the affect of your actions is, and yet, the affect thereof may just result in you landing your dream job, which again, you won’t know, until you do.

So again, I say:

that your thoughts, feelings, and actions of love [love for self, to assist self] shall be met with loving support and all that you require and intentionally desire shall be actualized manifest.

What’s the Worst thing that can happen.….

YOU’ll BE Happy for a few more days, hours, minutes, moments…..

The BEST thing that CAN happen IS that you send forth your desired intentions on harmonious frequencies that are met by the Universal energy of ALL that IS and then receive in return exponentially expanded versions of our initial intentions actualized manifest. 😀

There is no denying that we are energetic beings. What we think, feel and do creates an energetic signature if you will, a vibratory frequency that, as energy can not be contained, ripples out into the sea of all. We may not have ‘control’ over all the occurrences in the world as a whole, but we definitely DO have choice in what our contribution therein shall be and thus, by the law of cause and effect, what we shall attract back to us in return.

Focusing on the positive potentials [again potential, knowing that positive outcomes are just as likely as negative outcomes] is a sure fire way of doing what we are personally able to so do to increase the opportunities of positivity being experienced [attracted back to us] in our own daily lives.
This can be difficult for many as we have been taught to;
1. Focus on only that which we can see – even though that which is seen finds its roots within the unseen……including ALL of we…..starting out as no more than 2 microscopic cells…..
2. Focus on the potential negatives – fear/flight conditioning
however, that which has been taught and learned can be unlearned and new, uplifting morsels of knowledge and wisdom can BE learned, incorporated and put to use.
It may require continuous repetition, continuous persistence to realign your mind within LOVE instead of fear, and if so, then so DO……repeat, repeat, repeat. The more you do, just as with anything we have learned in our lifetimes, the easier it gets until ONEderFully, it is as natural as tying our shoes or using a toilet instead of the diapers we all once used.

 **It IS also important to note that having a converation with your fears, talking to yourself -to those anxiety driven thoughts as though talking to yourself as the ‘child you’ gives you the opportunity to also face fears, insecurities and doubts you may not have faced before.  A lot of us have insecurities we are carrying around within us unconsciously, from our childhood or past experiences which can lend themselves to getting in the way of our present goals.  They ‘get in the way’ by feeding us these doubtful thoughts which act as demotivators, even though they are really attempting to ‘protect’ us from perceived potential pains and sufferings.   This becomes an AWEsome opportunity to heal.  In facing our fears, having a discussion with self as though talking to a child, we can enlighten our ‘inner child’, these fearful thoughts to the truths of our current now, to the lessons we have learned the wisdom we have garnered, the experience and knowledge we now have, and to the infinite potentials of positivity that DO exist, and thus comfort our inner child, calm our fearful voice to the point that we are now receiving support for that which we are intending to do from ALL levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness instead of words of fearful distraction.

Oooooh Weeee DO I LOVE that ya asked that question. 😀
Thank YOU again Angel for sharing.***
I am most deeply humbled to know that my guidance, my personal legend, my gift to all has been enJOYed and of assistance to you. This is a most LOVEly gift for me to receive. I DO sincerely send forth blissings the words of LOVE’s wisdom herein have provided you the guidance you seek and the motivation to find the strength you DO have withIN you to manifest yOUR Highest HAPPYness. _(l)_

la la la la LOVE*
Roni ~*❤*~

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