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I was asked recently if I AM a GURU……
My response was as follows:

Gee yoU aRe yoU,

….well I definitely DO send forth the creative energy that we are ALL Gurus. 😀 ”

Indeed, are we ALL learning WHO we TRUEly are and thus so BEcoming by BEing who we are more and more each day. 😀

It IS that we have BEen taught to question our SELVes, to question what we feel intrinsically to BE our TRUTH, to question “WHO” we are, in fact, not only have we BEen taught to question our own intrinsic feelings about SELF, [separating our SELVes from our SELVes – how ridiculous IS that??!!!] we have BEen taught that those feelings we have of our own divinity are blasphemous.

We have BEen taught to belittle our SELVes into servants of another BEing [“god”/”prophets”/”gurus”…….] and more over to give over our own personal power to these other BEings. This has only served to inspire us to BEcome apathetic, to ALLOW another to tell us what IS right – as opposed to following what we KNOW to BE intrinsically right.

We are ONE with ALL including any “higher levels of consciousness” the only place we need to go to “KNOW” what we need to KNOW IS withIN.

By handing over our “power”, our intrinsic KNOWing to another…..even ONE we deem to BE “god” we are in truth setting our SELVes up to BE sheep in someONE else’s barn yard…….as IS evidenced by the ever growing numbers of our children BEing shipped off to wars to fund the pockets of the elite….the “world leaders”….the religious, government and corporate leaders……who are [don’t kid yarSELF NOW] ALL in bed with EACH other……..
and have BEen for 1000’s upon 1000’s of years.

Think about what we refer to as “god”.

DO ya really think if YOU were this “god” YOU would get off on seeing what we deem to BE “yOUR children” ripping the shreds outta each other?

Would YOU……BEing “god” get off on watching yOUR children, which we can for the sake of relativity, call our CELLS in our physical bodies, enJOY watching yOUR cells go to war with each other, start eating each other alive, hacking away at yOUR arm, leg, eyes, nose, organs????

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ya,
NOT such a difficult response……..
and “HOW” YOU ask DO we start to make changes, to STOP the maddness….to end the wars, to take back what IS intrinsically ours?

Start LISTENing to SELF…...STOP LISTENing to what we have deemed to BE the “authority”.

START QUESTIONING.…don’t just take things for granted ‘cuz some “Expert” told ya.

QUESTION – RESEARCH – QUESTION – LISTEN through LOVE withIN SELF – Pay Attention to yOUR inner Feelings.

YES, it CAN BE Confusing…….why???
‘cuz the voice withIN has BEcome sooo overshadowed by the voice of fear, a voice of indoctrination, that we aren’t even sure which voice IS TRUEly our own anymore.

TRY anyways!
Pay Attention……
BE Aware……

SEEK OUT the LOVE……. ❤❤❤
It IS ALLways there. 😀

And….for them’s that are having a difficult journey finding the voice of LOVE, the voice of their TRUTH….of Our Truth…..of Truth….there ARE a plethora of resources available to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen YOU to……YOU 😀 including……ME 😀

Get in touch and we can arrange our own personal ONE-on-ONE journey  –that’s WHY I AM here….and it’s HOW I listen to my inner TRUTH…….and BE the ME I LOVE mySELF to BE… assisting YOU to DO the same. 😀 _()_ 

_()_ Namaste
In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Radiating LOVE


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