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Going with the Flow, Manifesting our Visions

Very simple concept….

If ya wanna “Go with the Flow”, ALLOW for the Flow of that which IS going and coming – the fabYOUlous responses to our energy signatures that we are sending out {responses to our co-creative desires, gratitude, visions,…ie: our “I want”, “I am thankFull for” ]

To ALLOW for the FLOW we gotsta BE RELAXED….

Tension blocks flow.

When we are relaxed the flow, flows. ;D hee hee
Want things to manifest in your life more quickly, easily and comfortably…………..RELAX…

Wanna Relax?

Relaxation comes when ya TRUST//BElieve that, that which you are wanting to BE made manifest IS manifesting or something far greater and better than you could have ever imagined. 😉

When you trust/believe that which you desire IS manifesting or something even better, there’s no space, no ALLOWance for worrying. It is a complete surrender of all fears into trust, into LOVE. In fact, in such a state, once the vision is received, the desire acKNOWledged, there is no need for any further thinking about, pondering, or contemplating there upon, simply TRUSTing/BElieving what you have envisioned IS BEing created in the highest, greatest, best manner and result possible for self and all involved and all in general. 😉

This both creates a relaxed state of being that is accepting and embracing of life and the various situations and circumstances presented, as we see everything as assisting us, as we are coming from a place of trust. As well as creating of self a onederFull energetic frequency of relaxed, calm, love’s light. In so DOing do we ensure our very experience of life itself both in that which is expressed as well as received/attracted to us, IS one of Bliss.*

KNOW what YOU want IS KNOWn and Coming……and then…..just relax and enJOY the ride as it brings itSELF to YOU in the most fabYOUlous ways possible. ♥ 😀

Blissed LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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