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Good Relationships

‎”Good Relationships take a lot of work”

That’s a quote/sentiment we have ALL [mostly] heard, yes?

Thing IS, relationships need NOT take a lot of work.

Relationships are as “hard” or as “easy” as are we with facing our fears, healing our insecurities/fears and LOVing SELF.

 So, I guess the question ya wanna ask regarding how your relationships shall be/are, IS how are YOU at LOVing yOUR SELF?

Relationships exist, ALL relationships, of whatever nature they may be, parent-child, friends, family members, lovers, employer/employee, etc……as MIRRORs to our SELF TRUTH/Awareness.

It IS through our interACTions with others that we are able to see played out BEfore our eyes the effects of the CHOICEs we have made in whom we have CHOSEn to BE “ME”.

We have ALL inherited [been conditioned, programmed, socialized, trained, raised] fears…..aspects of self that require HEALing, aspects of SELF that require our honestly facing, [even the really ‘hard’ to face, tough stuff we really, really don’t like about self] embracing in love and acceptance so that we may transcend, let go, heal and thus ascend, and embody LOVE.

We are the healers of both ourselves as much as we are our ancestory.

Our relationships point out to us, us……they point out our strengths and our weaknesses, they inspire, instigate, motivate, aggravate all parts of ourselves to the surface so we may see them physically manifest for ourself, so we may consciously in authentic awareness make the choice as to who we want that which we call “self”, that which we identify as “me”, to BE.

If we don’t like looking in the mirror…..relationships can be difficult, they can require “work”.
If on the other hand we welcome looking in the mirror, relationships can be a journey of mutually beneficial healing that is bathed in support, compassion, empathy, in other words, love’s light.

The choice, as ALLways IS ours for the making/creating. 😀

May we each withIN Authentic Relationships founded upon unconditional love and a commitment to ascension find ourselves growing in ever expanding SELF LOVE for the BEnefit of ALL.

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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