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Happy for Challenging Times??

To BE happy for our “challenging times” IS to recognize that they were no more than “times” WE MADE challenging.

To BE happy for our “challenging times” IS to recognize these were but opportunities for WE to CHOOSE how to BE.

To BE happy for our “challenging times” IS to recognize these for the opportunities they present to CHOOSE to BE LOVE.

To BE happy for our “challenging times” IS to recognize the power of our perception to change the meaning of EVERYTHING.

Manifesting our ‘Reality’ is CREATEd Deliberately by how, what, why, where, and when we CHOOSE to Perceive, Receive, and Respond//Think, Feel, and Act in any situation.

Manifesting our Reality is CREATEd Deliberately by Paying Attention and thus BEing Aware of the infinite CHOICEs we have regarding thoughts, feelings and ACTions. Are YOU consciously CHOOSing which thoughts, feelings and ACTions YOU are directing yOUR energy towards?

Manifesting our Reality is CREATEd Deliberately when we take a step out of BEing the experience to OBSERVING the experience of our NOW. It IS ALLOWing for that space between stimulation and perception, when something happens and what we determine that something to mean. In ALLOWing for this “space” do we give our SELF the grace to RESPOND through LOVE instead of reACTing in haste.

To Perceive-Receive-Respond by CHOICE and thus CREATE the life YOU want IS to BE Aware by Paying Attention, BEing Consciously Present in the NOW.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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