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Many are experiencing overwhelming fears in their lives right now.
When we are healing, transcending, evolving, that which is not serving us, that which is not of our newly ‘transcended evolved state’ must rise to the surface that we may let it go and thus embody our newly healed, transcended, evolved state.

Fears arising are opportunities for healing.

**If there is something arising that is causing you fear, discomfort, etc…it is there to say that something   somewhere in your life that you have been or are doing or not doing is not providing for your highest happyness, that in some way you are not loving self.

Thus it is an opportunity to reflect upon your life in this now and see what these feelings of fear are associated with, where in your life they are associated and then see where you can make some changes.

Change is a BIG FEAR for many….and sometimes the fear we think we have is not so much about the “thing”, as much as it is letting go of “the thing” or making a change regarding the “thing”.

For example:
~you may want to be an artist but you are not finding huge success.
~when you think about your bills, etc… you feel fear.
the fear you are feeling about money is really related to the way you are seeking to make money……as an artist.
~perhaps it is that you need to be open to new ways of being an artist that you had not taken into consideration before, even if one of those ways may be doing something that is not artistic but that supports you enough so you can be artistic……..

**Important to remember***
There are an infinite number of ways, avenues, and pathways for anything to manifest.

BEing Open allows for the opportunities that are available to assist us manifest our Personal Legends, to have our heart’s desires be recognized and thus ACTed upon.

Blissings sent forth unto ALL that, that which IS of our intentional desires, our recognized highest happyness [causing NO harm to self or others] IS made manifest in comfort, ease and joyFullness, in our eternal NOW. _(l)_***

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,

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