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I recently pARTicipated in a ONEderFull “Healing Lodge Manifesting Meditation” with the LOVEly Shamaness Bevy Love Law.

I also recently pARTicipated in another Healing Meditation journey, focusing on empowering my Healing Heart.

I have found combining the 2 quite a ONEderFully empowering experience I would like to share with YOU. 😀

Okay, so obviously this is gonna be a brief overview, however, I have FULL CONFIDENCE in yOUR powers of imagination and creation to take this to the ‘required level’ of manifestation. 😀

For the Healing Lodge, simply ALLOW yourSELF to imagine your very own special healing room.
Get as visually descriptive with this process as possible.….close your eyes and envision it.
Keep in mind this IS your special healing room and can BE as magnificently intricate or simplex as YOU so choose.
It can also be located where ever you so choose.
This healing room is your INTERNAL Place of respite, your personal inner sanctuary of nurturing care and healing harmony.
If you resonate with the mountains perhaps your healing lodge is withIN a mountain itself. If you resonate with the cosmos, perhaps your healing lodge is made of stars.
The point is NOT to limit yourself with respect to how you create your healing lodge.

For the Healing Heart, imagine white light coming up through the Earth into your feet and rising up above your head and then centering into your heart.

Do the same thing only this time in reverse, imagine yourself receiving white light from above/the skies/universe…. through your head, down to your toes and again centering into your heart.

When you bring the energy from above to your heart, visualize it “meeting” with the energy from the earth harmoniously.

Then imagine your own heart’s white light………

Put ALL three together harmoniously.

Now send that energy out to every aspect of your beingness…imagine every one of the cells in your body receiving this healing energy and if you are wanting to do some “spot-healing” such as “hands-on” healing, direct the energy into that specific area.

NOW……..combining the two……

While you are BEcoming the fully ‘charged’ healing light house of love that you are, put yourself into your healing lodge. 😀
From there, DO whatever healing you desire to so DO.
**Including sending forth your charged empowered energy to any and all you wish to positively affect with your healing energy.

And there ya go. 😀

BlissFull Healings Angels }*{
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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