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High Five!

Another epiphany the other day….thunder, bolts and lightning babay!!!!

hinking back over the last 20 yrs. of my consciously devoted dedication to enLIGHTenment, [transcendence, healing, cleansing, evolving, growing], I realized that many of WE are ALLways striving to “BE Better”, [BE more, give more”, “DO more”] in this, an existance of INFINITE KNOWledge awaiting our grasp, that we can lose sight of ALL that we ALLready KNOW.

As a result we don’t take the steps we would otherwise take if we were recognizing and acKNOWledging ALL that we TRUEly are!

Listen, we can’t BE and KNOW everything……HELLO!!!! Why DO ya think there’s 6.8 BILLION of WE!!!!

So we can spread the joy, HAPPYness and wealth of KNOWledge, experience, wisdom, BEingness around and SHARE it with each other, enJOY ONE another…..INFINITELY!!! ‘cuz hahneys that’s HOW MUCH of WE, of ALL there IS to enJOY!!!


Soooooo, TODAY…..let’s take a moment and reflect LOVingly…..CHOOSing to seek out ALL that WE HAVE accomplished, learned, transcended, grown, evolved, healed, cleansed, and give our SELF a high five and LOVing embrace for BEing ALL that WE ARE!

We are soooooooooo much MORE than we give our SELVEs credit for!

Today……let’s give our SELVes the credit!!!

I bet ya got TRILLIONS banked away in credit that ya haven’t given to SELF….soooooo consumed with ALL that yar NOT….instead of seeing ALL that YOU ARE!!!


YOU ARE sooooooo fabYOUlously Amazing!!!!

I stand in Awareness of yOUR BEaYOUtyFull Divine Miraculous Gift of BEingness unto the ALL that IS WE, from the perspective of that which IS yOUR reflection…my Divine Miraculous Gift of BEingness, and weep tears of immensely felt JOY that YOU CHOSE to BE!


Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

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