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I was interviewed recently on the internet radio show “Practical Spirituality” with Glenn M. Smith on the “Spirit Radio” Station, which I DO BElieve is out of the States.

ONEderFull experience, of course!!~ Glenn is a gentle LOVing soul.

Whilst in the experience of the interview I found some discomfort when discussing some of the external circumstances I have ‘over come’ in my lifetime, probably BEcause I have never really looked at them as circumstances to ‘over come’, as much as ones to learn, and where necessary, heal from.

It dawned on me the other day, something I have BEen blessed with as a result of my mother’s ‘martyrdom example of BEingness’…..

I have BEen well trained to NOT Complain,
not just to others, but, to mySELF. I have BEen well trained to see from the perspective of

“what CAN I DO?”,

as opposed to “why can’t I DO?”.
I have BEen well trained to experience life from a perspective of DOing what I can, where ever I may find mySELF.

Of course I also manifested the opposite end of this spectrum, skewing this lesson to its negative experience, in fact missing the most important aspect of the lesson in the first place, which, as with EVERYTHING in life, to thy own SELF BE~ First.

It YOU are BEing a martyr, ~generally speaking YOU are ‘DOing for another at YOUr own expense’, as opposed to for yOUR BEnefit, thus what YOU are DOing is to yOUR detriment, and thus everyone else’s ~whether consciously aware, we are, or not.

To SELF FIRST and FOREMOST must we give, uplift, assist, empower, enLIGHTen, and LOVE.

To SELF FIRST and Foremost must we take hold of the opportunities presented, walk the pathways we DO for our Highest Happiness.

In so DOing are we able to share “Highest Happiness” with ALL, and what greater gift could ANY of us share with one another than the gift of one’s manifested experience of Highest Happiness?

Ponder this.

How giving can YOU BE to any other if YOU are sitting in darkness & despair?

What are YOU giving, bringing, sending forth, & affecting the ALL that IS from a position of depressed HAPPYness?

If I told YOU that NO MATTER what yOUR external circumstances were/are I could give YOU the Gift of living yOUR Highest Happiness in every NOW……would YOU turn me down?……

DO YOU KNOW what yOUR Highest Happiness IS?

Ponder this.

In so DOing, shall YOU come to KNOW the pathway that IS the experience manifest, of yOUR Highest Happiness.

in Every NOW, ALLways Darl’n!!!

And it IS,

Blessedly BE ☺
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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