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HIGHest HAPPYness, Part 2, A Personal Illustration

I AM a single mom.

To many this is a GREAT Achievement, to ME, it is the Greatest Universal Blessing/Gift of my Life.

Ahhhhhhh, NOW we shall SEE that to which I have spoken in Part I.

Ya see, whilst others are focusing on the external circumstances of my situation;
BEing alone, self reliant, self dependent, providing for, taking care of, and caring for another and SELF,
I have BEen focusing on the Fantabulous Gift that having my son in my life IS.

I haven’t SEEN the external circumstances everyone else has, I KNOW to that which they speak, however, I haven’t experienced their version of my reality….that is NOT the life I have KNOWn.

Like a child whose Mom has a cancer;

They KNOW she has this thing called ‘cancer’ and it makes her feel sick when she gets her medicine to make it go away, but they don’t really KNOW WHAT the POTENTIAL negative implications of Mom having this thing called cancer are. And Until someone makes ya aware… others have for me, in speaking with and of their great admiration for my BEing a single mom, ya really just don’t ever go there~ it DOes NOT make it into yOUR conscious awareness, yOUR mind simply NEVER focuses on it long enough, if at ALL, for it to register as anything lasting.

Sure there have BEen occasions, I have felt ‘heaviness’ BEing a single mom, felt that to which inspires the admiration in so many.

The “struggles” I have ‘overcome”, including, amongst others;

  • BEing a single Mom,
  • an abusive relationship,
  • harrassment
  • BEing a round peg in a square hole ☺
  • elongated depressed levels of HAPPYness
  • receiving little to no financial support,
  • BEing a professional in an industry that went against the grain of main stream
  • PMDD
  • seeking TRUTH & enLIGHTening others to DO the same in a world that has us conditioned to DO anything BUT…..
  • CHOOSing to fulfill MY Personal Legend, instead of BEing subservient to others ~even at the expense of financial obliteration
  • BEing the example of that to which I speak, regardless of external and material circumstances & judgments
  • Staying TRUE to & LOVing SELF, even in the face of others’ ridicule, including those dearest to me, FEARFull BEcause I would not follow the ‘main stream’ world…..
  • to name but a few ☺
Infinite Interpretations, Perceptions, Responses

Infinite Perceptions

I KNOW to that which others speak, I have great admiration for my SELF when I step out of the experience of my reality and see from their perspective, however…..

It is NOT their perspective that has “got me through” my life’s experiences.
It is NOT their perspective that raised my child whilst going to school and working full time.
It is NOT their perspective that lifted me out of an Abusive Relationship, an emotional breakdown, and financial disaster.
ALL their perspectives ever did for me, whilst living the experience of my life, is want to end it.

No, I DO NOT speak to suicide, though I can attest~ to the Gift of my empathy, compassion and understanding for those whom DO….

No, that to which I speak is the feeling of wanting to run away from it ALL, to put one’s FEAR above and BEyond ALL else ~ to succumbing to the dark pit of emptiness that can swallow YOU WHOLE and rape YOU of any Light, LOVE, Life YOU ARE Gifted the Miracle OF.

Did I mention the enormous Blessing, having my son in my life, IS?

We admire others for their ability to get through something that we see as impetus for us to go running off to the hills to hide away from.

More aptly stated, we are conditioned to see the NEGATIVE in any situation and praise one another for surviving it.

Why DO we NOT focus our attentions on the good?

Why must our lessons BE those experienced through the envisioning of the torturous and painFull?

Why DO we look to others and for many of us, unfortunately, our SELVes, for acKNOWledgement of our ability to sustain suffering, instead of our ability to produce Happiness?

I did NOT see “suffering” as a single mom, BEcause my experience was one focused on the positive, and oh my, what positives they ARE!!!

Every situation can BE seen for the “struggles” that are presented OR for the Opportunities.

Every situation can BE seen from an infinite number of varying perspectives and through each looking glass a different view point, a new story DOes emerge.

My Greatest Universal Blessing

My Greatest Universal Blessing

It was this CHOICE to focus my Mind upon that which I did, the Gifts I was Blessed, NOT complaining and asking “Why ME??!!” but instead “What Can I DO?” and then DOing, that kept me going and got me through.

And trust ME, in those moments when I did indulge in the nasty darkness of Fear’s Illusory pull, life BEcame bleak and moving forward BEcame a seemingly impossible game….one none of us want to play.

The CHOICE, as ALLways, is our to BE made.

to yOUR HIGHest HAPPIness in Every NOW, embraced within the grace of Unconditional LOVE ☺
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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