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HIGHest HAPPYness Part III ~ Abuse, a personal illustration~take 2

I definitely saw it, felt it, experienced it….

when in a relationship with

I saw the suffering, however, I did NOT see that the foundation to that suffering, was my CHOOSing to BE in the situation in the first place.

A malleable situation, one which I HAD the CHOICE NOT to BE within~ the experience of life;
the opportunities to learn, grow, expand and heal~

were those that within this situation would BE experienced within a surrounding environment of predominantly negative energy.

‘Tis TRUE, there are certain circumstances that simply occur, we may not have meant for them to occur, we may not have planned for their occurrence, but they do.

Once they DO however, how we CHOOSE to perceive, receive and respond to them, is COMPLETELY ours to make.

We must BE conscious to our external circumstances in so far as how we are CHOOSing to experience them…what interpretation are we making thereof, and is it one that is deluded or exposed, fear ridden or imbued in LOVE’s Light.

let the sun shine in

Glorious Day

If we find our SELVes in a situation where the Positive is seen and experienced through the fog and exhaustion of negativity, we are NOT LOVing SELF, we are NOT in TRUTH experiencing ‘Positive” so much as we are, a reprieve from the complete darkness of the negative.

We need to KNOW if the experiences we are having in life allow for the experience of our Highest Happiness.

If they DO NOT, and they ARE Malleable, {there are many whom are unfortunately in situations, around our Earth School, whom do NOT have the malleability many of us take for granted} than it is our DUTY to CHANGE them, it is our DUTY to SELF and to ALL to follow our Bliss.

I lost sight of this when I was in a relationship with Abuse, I lost sight of the Positive I Deserve to BE experiencing~ WE ALL Deserve to BE experiencing in Every NOW.

I lost sight of the malleability of my world, the FREEdom of my BEingness to CHOOSE a different reality to experience. I lost sight of how it felt to LOVE mySELF, to BE LOVEd TRUE, and therefore allowed another to disrespect me, as I did mySELF.

I lost sight of my Highest Happiness and what is more, my KNOWing that I DESERVE and am WORTHY of my Highest Happiness.

Taught by example never to complain, not to look for excuses or blame others, but instead to DO, DO that which I AM able to DO, to BE the “best ‘ME’, I can BE”, I completely lost sight of the TRUTH that BEing in an Abusive Relationship in the first place, in and of itSELF was NOT BEing the BEST ME, I can BE, was NOT LOVing ME, was NOT fulfilling my HIGHest HAPPIness.

I lost sight of the FACT, that in TRUTH it is our Greatest Gift unto ALL to manifest our Highest Happiness, for it IS in so DOing that we share the Gifts of our inherent BEingness we came here, to our Earth School in the first place to DO, with and for the BEnefit of ALL.

The Pathway of Discovery

The Pathway of Discovery

And thus DO we come to finding the Balance of that which IS our Blessed BEingness:

in fulfilling our HIGHest HAPPYness we provide our Greatest Gift for the BEnefit of ALL ☺


to OUR HIGHest HAPPYness in Every NOW, ALLways……ALL members of our LOVEly Earth School, living life as intended to BE in BlissFull, LOVing, Harmonious. Party’n Serenity ☺


Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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    1. Travis (Reply) on Apr 26, 2010

      I am very happy that you shared that…very enlightening…very…much peace love and light to you …Namaste _()_