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How are You talking to You?

How are YOU talking to YOU??

We ALL have internal conversations, chats going on in our minds, thoughts streaming through our internal awareness….

the question IS…..
what are those thoughts, chats, conversations, WORDs YOU are ALLOWing SELF to engage withIN, experience and massage at this most fundamentally CREATing level of BEingness?

The words we use when talking to SELF.…how we address SELF, how we define SELF, the tone we use, the patience or lack thereof we have with SELF, the subjects we focus upon and how we relate ALL to SELF…….SHAPES our SELF IDENTITY……SHAPES the lives we live, the physical experience of our BEingness…that which we actualize manifest.

The FIRST PLACE to look if ya wanna make CHANGEs in yOUR life IS to yOUR SELF.

Pay Attention to and BE Aware of yOUR SELF TALK.

Next time ya catch yarSELF day dreaming, BEing in silence – not talking with anyONE, etc…..PAY Attention and BE Aware. CHOOSE Consciously that which YOU ALLOW to BE the kindling wood for the fabYOUlous fire that IS yOUR Radiating Light of LOVE expressed physically for the BEnefit of ALL of we. _()_

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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    1. Stevie Ray Robison (Reply) on Feb 1, 2012

      Thanks for a wonderfully thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I was thinking this morning about what I’ve been thinking about. And what I’ve been thinking about mostly is worry. I worry I’ll never find true love. I worry about not having enough money. I worry about losing my home and freedom and business because of not having enough money. I worry about making the right and wrong choices about my life. Worry, worry, worry,

      It’s no wonder I’m a little stuck.

      I guess the cure to worry, worry’s opposite is trust. I need to trust me. I need to trust you. I need to trust the Universe. I need to watch my thoughts. I need to watch the source of my thoughts.

      There’s a higher place in me that has no worry, that has complete trust and faith. It’s from that place that I need to invite my thoughts. The Ocean that is the Real and Divine Me can wash away the small sands of worry.

      So I’ll start now. And I’ll watch my thoughts today. I’ll find the way back to TRUST.

      Love you. Thanks a bunch.

      • love (Reply) on Feb 1, 2012

        Sweet Sweet Angel how deeply greatFull for YOU we are.
        Sharing withIN yOUR authenticity, shining yOUR guiding light of LOVE, CHOOSing to BE the example so magnificently, thank YOU, Thank YOU for the inspiration.**

        Moment by moment, step by step, each time worries creep into sight, we can choose to let them go and trust instead.
        Even when facing a dreaded fear……lack of funds for bills needing to be paid, can we still find within the power to trust that ALL will BE okay. Somehow, some way we will find a way. 😀
        It IS this mind set that gives us the power, will, motivation, inspiration to DO what it IS we CAN, what it IS we must to carry on, and thus DO we find a way.

        BLISSedly BE
        Big hugs of LOVE & Gratitude and blissing unto ALL of we that we DO find our way to actualize manifest in comfort, ease and joyFullness ALL of our designed dreams of Bliss. _(l)_

        Radiating LOVE,