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How do you know you are loving self?

BEing LOVE starts with LOVing Self.
How do you KNOW if you are loving self?

Aside from intuitively knowing,
logically knowing,
in other words trusting in SELF….

To assist those whom may be feeling confused with respect hereto;
Start by asking yourself, if you were your own child, [or if you are unfamiliar with being a parent, if you were a child you had enormous feelings of love for, ie: a niece or nephew, friend’s child, etc….] and you saw how you were treating yourself, how you were being, how would you feel about it, what would you say to you?

**Keep in mind, seeing someone as a child does NOT mean they are a child – I am still my parents’ child at 42…….

Allow yourself to see through the eyes of one who loves you unconditionally…..who wants only what is best for you, who wants you to be as happy as you possibly can be, who wants you to be treating yourself supremely fabyoulously because they see, they know, love and respect your divinity and want you to so do too.****

LOVing SELF………how are you doing in this neck of the neighbourhood of BEingness?????

Looking forward to hearing the infamous ways in which you are lavishing yourself with love…
Please DO share in the comments section below.
Ya never know, you may inspire another to new ways of loving self they may never have thought of otherwise.*** ❤

Blissed LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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