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How to get a handle on our Anger

Anger can be an all encompassing pervasive ‘poison’ in our minds, hearts and lives.

This is not to say that one should deny their feelings of anger or for that matter besmirch themselves for so having them…..

HOWEVER………as we all know…….feel’n them ain’t no happy feel’n, and the experience of us feeling them as stated above can be poisonous in our lives as well as any whose life is closely intertwined with our own.

Soooooooo HOW do we deal with this anger???

One way is to funnel the feelings through CREATIVE EXPRESSION whether that be writing, painting, dancing, sculpting or any other means of ALLOWing for the expression of the anger in a SAFE manner with no negative effects upon self or others.

Once we have had the opportunity to express our anger in a manner which is most BEneficial to all concerned, which is the least negatively affecting, if the feelings persist, which they most certainly can, another very Positive means of assisting self in releasing them is PHYSICAL EXERCISE.

With every physical movement you make, do so with the intention of releasing your anger, of expressing your anger and then releasing it. Allow yourself to feel the anger you are feeling and to essentially ‘push it out’ of you through the physical activity you are partaking within. So for example if you are lifting weights, with every lift, every energy exertion required to lift the weights, you are using the energy of your anger, and putting that into/using that for the weight lifting. If you are running, with every step you take, you are using the energy of your anger to take that step.

What I have found both personally and with my angel partners [clients] is to do whatever physical activity you are doing until exhaustion. In other words, if you are kick boxing, keep on keep’n on until you can’t keep on any longer……if you are roller blading, keep on keep’n on until you can’t push any further, etc… etc… by the time you have reached this point you may find yourself too exhausted to give any of your energy to the anger that had once consumed you, leaving you free to allow yourself to redirect your mind’s focus to more positively enhancing thoughts and feelings.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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