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How to get what you want every single time (really)… by Dr. Robert Anthony

I want to help you understand that every question has an answer, every problem has a solution and every answer and solution is right at your fingertips if you will just BE solution oriented and answer oriented rather than focusing on the problem.  If you are solution oriented, everything that is not working right in your life would begin coming into alignment.

You have this long list of problems or a long list of what you want to be different and I want you to understand that the universe is all lined up orchestrating and standing by, ready to do anything and everything you want PROVIDED you are a vibrational match to it.

But you have to clean up your vibration – which means simply you have to focus on what you desire and where you are going. You have to tell the story of your life the way you want it to be and not the way it is.  Forget about “WHAT IS”.  Stop looking for sympathy and for people to agree with you.  When you turn your list of desires over to other people and want them to become the vortex by which your desires come to you, that’s when the trouble begins.

Do not give your power over to other people in an effort to bring you what you desire. Give your list to the Universe because it will get it for you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You get to decide how far you want to reach beyond “WHAT IS”.  You have so much power because you come with the non-physical energy that is moving downstream in such a powerful way.
The problem is most of the time you are trying to go way downstream with a net and gather up all the good stuff and bring it all into your life right now with the attitude, “if I don’t go get it all now it will get away from me”.

But the truth is it won’t get away from you.
It will keep reappearing and reappearing because it is a never-ending stream.
Your ship won’t come in and have you miss it, or
you won’t take one ship and miss another one.
You can take any ride you want and in the middle of that ride you can keep asking for more.
There is nothing you cannot have if
you flow WITH the stream and don’t try to dam it up out of fear.
There is no need to build a dam because the Flow never stops.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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    1. dave (Reply) on Sep 14, 2012

      Very interesting comment. sounds relaxing and easy yet some how
      im not sure i could wish my future into reality

      • love (Reply) on Sep 19, 2012

        Hello Dave, blissings to YOU Angel***

        Thank YOU for visiting our site and journeying the adventure through and sharing in yOUR experience thereof…..Yay***
        We LOVE when we are gifted to KNOW of those we are welcoming and of their experience, thoughts, insights, regarding their visit. 😀

        I hear ya on the ‘wishing your future into reality” – it’s a big one for most of us to ‘get over’……an habitual state of mind we have been sooooooooo very well conditioned into BElieving – “ya gotta work, work, sweat, blood and tears babay if ya wanna see any results” kinda mentality……distinguishing our inner Light and Abilities…….removing us from our source power, from our Divinity, from our Authenticity and ensuring we FEEL wholly dependent upon ‘the system’ to make anything happen for us……..when in truth….we each have enough power – this is on a purely physically assessed & measured level of our energetic composition- to light up ALL of New York City……

        The reality IS we ARE PowerFull…..and how we think about something and feel about something creates the “form” if you will or “direction” of our “Energetic Signature” as it is sent out into and affects the “whole” that IS, ever was or will BE.
        This is just simply physics actually.

        DOes it mean if ya think about your bright future and do nothing else it’ll magically materialize????

        Well…..yes and no…..

        If that’s all you do……without thinking of any doubts, negatives, etc…then your ‘bright future’ will BEcome manifest but….it may take some time…..

        Ya see…..we need to RESPOND to that which our energetic signature brings into our lives and we need DO so from the same “energetic signature” – mind set – feeling and thinking state of being as our original intent – for our bright future that is.

        It IS most definitely a Collaborative Effort of Co-Creation both on our own parts……thinking, feeling, responding….DOing……as well as on our part in unison with that which IS ALL……BEing Aware of the gifts that are coming our way, responding from a position of TRUST, Faith, BElief, Positivity, and thus in so DOing will our “bright future” BEcome our “Bright NOW” in much greater ease, comfort, joy and expediency.

        Of course…if ya start seeing ALL the positives in yOUR life RIGHT NOW…..then obviously, that bright future BEcomes your bright NOW immediately – KNOWing that which YOU are seeking to experience in life [in addition to the fabYOUlous you are allready sooo grateFull to BE experiencing] IS manifesting in ways you may not see or know, but IS most certainly manifesting. 😀

        It IS as I like to call it, “life’s catch 22″ – ya gotta BElieve it BEfore you can achieve it…….as opposed to how we have BEen taught to operate….only believe what you can see….when in truth everything that we can see started off as something we could not…..

        ALL that IS [outside of nature….etc…] BEgan as an IDEA in someone’s head…….
        And to CREATE that idea manifest that person had to CREATE means by which they made their idea manifest……

        Soooo really it’s a ‘switcheroo’ if you will, of our focus on the ‘end result’ to the affecting foundation of any result we have ever or will ever experience in life.

        It DOes take practise, dedication, and commitment…’s one of our biggest negative habits to transcend……however, with persistence we can, we are and we will foster a new habit based within Authenticity – LOVE Consciousness, as opposed to fear consciousness.

        One day at a time… thought, one feeling at a time….making the choice, day by day, moment by moment to trust, have faith, believe in SELF…in the science of our BEingness, in the foundation of that which we know on a very logical, deductive reasoning, intuitive basis IS TRUTH. 😀

        Blissings to YOU Dave, upon your travels and manifesting brilliance of BEaYOUty and ALL that IS fabYOUlousness in yOUR life.***

        Radiating LOVE,