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How to stop inviting ‘Yuck’ into your life.

When negative thoughts accost our mind, it IS easy enough to get caught up in a snowball effect of YUCK! 

There are situations that simply are, that simply “suck”, at the same time as there are unKNOWns that simply are, and the NOT KNOWing can BE overwhelming in fear based feelings.

**Thing IS….our Minds CAN focus on GOOD things…even when things apparently ‘suck’, our Minds CAN CHOOSE to look for and thus consume itSELF and YOU withIN things that are uplifting, assisting, empowering and enLIGHTening.

 What it takes…….
Making a CHOICE.

***It’s NOT that we don’t KNOW the GOODness that IS there for us to focus upon, it’s that we DO NOT CHOOSE to focus on it. We briskly sweep the GOOD under the carpet and invite the Yuck to sit down on our clean furniture and have coffee, tea and crumpets. We offer it foot massages, and if necessary lay down our own bodies for it to walk ALL over.

This too IS a CHOICE.

YES! It’s a powerFully pulling and gripping CHOICE but ya KNOW why????

NOT BEcause it has any more potential for manifestation that the GOOD CHOICE. Nope, it has more of our undivided attention ‘cuz we have BEen taught that, that IS where we should BE giving our attentions to……”just in case… BE prepared for, careFull of……’cuz ya never KNOW….”, and yet, ALL of those fear based thoughts CAN just as easily BE flipped to the GOOD.

THIS IS part of the ascension we are hearing so much about when we hear of the “End of the World as we KNOW it”. This is the transcendence we are awakening to. We are coming to recognize where we focus our consciousness, how we CHOOSE to use it can just as easily BE focused on the Positives and in so CHOOSing to DO, are we welcoming the good into our manifest experience of life. *Remember, we have been conditioned, taught, habitualized, brainwashed for thousands of years to think via fear, BE PATIENT with Self as you and all of we are deconstructing the negative conditioning and making way for Love based thinking.

***When YOU are feeling the fear…….LOOK at it….instead of running away…….so that YOU CAN make a conscious choice, and give voice to NOT only the fear but the good as well……and then…….assist yOUR SELF in CHOOSing where to lay yOUR attentions.

**For those seeking assistance in facing their fears, seeing the WHOLEistic Perspective of their situation, making CHOICEs that are assisting to SELF instead of sabatoging……I DO offer enLIGHTenment Guidance/WHOLEistic Life Coaching – get in touch- by clicking the “Contact Us” link above to lemme KNOW and we will journey together to YOU embracing YOU & yOUR life in LOVE’s Light.

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


Journeys with Roni may BE ventured via email, phone, Skype or on-site withIN the embrace of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary.

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