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How will you get through?

We ALL experience “difficulties” which are in quotes ‘cuz what IS difficult to ONE is easy to another and what IS difficult today IS easy tomorrow.

Here are some quotes we are all familiar with to some degree or another speaking to the above:

“if ya don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”…

“don’t sweat the small stuff” so much”…

If you want yOUR life to BE more care free and stress free,
CHOOSE to BE less up tight and more malleable with the constant flow of changes that ARE,

“go with the flow”…

“Easier said than done” is another quote I am assured many are familiar with…and indeed, at times it IS easier said as much as it is easier done at other times.

The thing is, regardless of the situation, for example, whether you are facing the loss of employment or the loss of life, HOW we CHOOSE to respond to the situation really DOes affect how easy or difficult it is to traverse through it.

My mother almost died due to surgery related to breast cancer, my sister lay in a coma for nearly 2 weeks and almost died due to surgery related to ovarian cancer.
My grandmother lay incapacitated in a hospital bed for 12 months before finally transcending.
My soul twin sister grew up in a war ravaged city, with bombs going off in her front yard, imprisoned in her own home.
My son almost died from anaphalactic shock due to a wasp sting to his toe.
My best friend lost his house, job and savings in the span of a few months, one ‘bad thing’ following the next.

And those are just some incidents that have been experienced by some of the individuals in my life.
None was “easy” to get through for any of the aforementioned, to say the least and yet, get through it they and we all did.

Whilst going through these experiences some of the ‘we’ involved completely melted down, lost it, ‘went bezerk’ as the saying goes, whilst others ‘kept their cool’, and others still were the ‘helping hand’ to guide those that could not guide themselves to calm rationale.

Emotions are not always rational and when consumed by them, we can easily lose sight of that which is, including the choices we have available to us.

When my mom, sister and son almost died there was nothing that I could personally do to physically save them. I am neither a doctor nor skilled in the knowledge of one whom is.
The same goes for when my grandmother lay withering away for a year.
When my soul sister was caught in war, there was nothing any who knew her could do to assist her or her family. Even with friends in the government were they trapped in the middle of a war both of bullets, bombs and bureaucracy.
When my best friend lost all of his material possessions, there was nothing I could do to assist, I am neither a bank nor stocked with the funds of one.

What I, and everyONE else involved could do was stay positive, stay focused on the positive alternatives, the potential positive outcomes, which of course varied from case to case.

Obviously, when my son at age 4 almost died, our focus was on his full recovery, whilst when my grandmother lay at 80+ in a hospital bed, paralyzed from multiple strokes, our focus was on her letting go and releasing her self from the prison that her body had become.

The point IS, one way or another we get through and it is up to us ‘how that way’ shall be. Will we survive or thrive? Will we wither or blossom? Will we hide or seek? We can choose to make each moment a torturous experience ravaged by fear ridden [negative] thoughts or seek out the bliss that allways does exist within every moment of this experience we call life.

Radiating LOVE,

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