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In Gratitude to YOU _()_

We ARE the CO-Creators of our life… we make, in our eternal NOW, the CHOICE of how to interpret life, whatever situations life may bring our way, we affect how we feel about life and then inspire and motivate our phsyically manifest ACTions, not to mention that which we DO/affect on an unseen energetic level. We are ALLways affecting ALL that IS, on ALL levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness, including our SELVes.

ALL of YOU BEing YOU, sharing yOUR Light of LOVE sooooooooooo generously, soooooo BEaYOUtyFully are a ONEderFull source of our TRUTH for ME. ALLways DO, DO, DO whatever YOU can to assist SELF. Use ALL the resources, tools, tips and tricks available to YOU in yOUR surround…..which ALL of YOU are to ME soooo WHOLLY!!! I AM uplifted, assisted, empowered and enLIGHTened by ALL of YOU, ALLOWing for me to much, much, much MORE EASILY realign my mind and retrain my brain out of our fear based conditioning, when I have fallen prey thereto. Thus I AM sooooooo GIFTed to “Let Go and Let LOVE” ~❤~ and ohhhhh what a freeing, intoxicatingly ONEderFull feeling it IS to ALLOW SELF to simply let go and let love...n’est ce pas :)


Thank YOU
Thank YOU
Thank YOU

~❤~ I LOVE YOU ~❤~

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Radiating LOVE,

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


Words of LOVE’s Wisdom from Cheryl Janecky:

“It’s your choice to be happy – or not.
No matter where you are in creating the life you want, you can get to what you want quickly if you allow the Universe to deliver a match to you feeling good, rather than a match to you struggling and working hard.” Cheryl Janecky

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