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In the face of fear

Life LOVEs BEing a “catch 22″!!!

What keeps us from seeing others as our self and therefore BEing LOVE, is our fear that they will not see us as them, which is a fear we share and thus manifest.

Allow me to explain.

To protect our self from being seen as other than our truth, from being hurt by someone else who is not seeing us [really themselves] as a being of love, who may therefore be ‘mean’, ‘aggressive’, ‘short’, etc…., we hide our love away, we ‘protect our love’.

When we hide (protect) our love away it makes it difficult for others to see our love. Our defensive walls can BE quite sturdy and resilient to even the most authentically loving after soooooo many dedicated years of protection.

If others can’t see our love, they feel the need to protect themselves from the potential ‘hurt’ that may be ‘flung at them’, and thus hide their love.

After a while everyone is protecting themselves and no one is being their truth which is LOVE, and……..on the blissed occasion someone DOes love self openly/publicly, and thus reveals their love to all, no one BElieves it to BE and still, walks cautiously.
When we recognize SELF in Others,
when we recognize that we are ALL ONE,
we recognize the things another may say or do that are of fear, we know when an ACTion IS based upon protecting SELF,
we KNOW exactly what it IS they are DOing and WHY and
we ARE compassionate, we ARE understanding, we identify with them, their pain, their fear, we identify with it, but we do not own it.
We can not of course, walk another’s journey for them.
We CAN however CHOOSE to BE LOVE regardless of the fear based actions of others. We can choose to stay true to our truth. We can choose to BE Authentic in the face of inauthenticity.
We can choose to be our self.
We can choose to be the example for everyone else.

We can BE LOVE.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤ *~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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