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In the Name of Healing, Love and Authentic Relationships

Soooooo…….in our last promenade together through LOVE Consciousness, we were talk’n about the question of “how much is too much ‘harm’, what level of ‘imbalance’ within our relationship with another is ‘too much’?

How far away from our expressed and experienced authenticity as beings of love’s light is ‘too far’, even if intention and purpose is healing based?

In journeying with many Earth Angels [clients] over the last 2 decades as well as experiencing my own life story, I can say there is NO ONE RIGHT Answer……and yet……there IS….
hee hee 😉

It IS an answer of INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, preparedness, Balance, Intention and Manifest ACTion/results.

EveryONE we come into contact with has a lesson/opportunity for growth for us……some opportunities are laden in faerie dust sprinkles of LOVE whilst others the hot air of a serpent’s tongue.

Any we encounter, if they come our way, come our way with purpose…..which again, may simply BE the CHOICE to say, this is NOT how I choose to learn today, and walk away.

This choice IS that to which our question for pondering relates and…….what I have found IS that:
**Keeping in mind we are NOT, N-O-T- talk’n about overtly abusive relationships here……on any scale- mental, physical, spiritual…..intentional, conscious or otherwise….. from the get go let it BE known, if there IS any overtly abusive BEhaviour, especially consistent, the lesson IS to WALK AWAY.

The union of yOUR 2 souls IS one that teaches through destruction not construction……and I guess that really IS the focal point…….

If YOU are in a relationship that IS more destructive than constructive, that IS teaching by bashing instead of blissing – find another school room/relationship within which to learn…..there are 7 billion of us……..7 billion different class rooms….find a brighter one.***

K, back to our ‘day to day relationships’ 😉 hee hee
la la la la LOVE***

1. Each party involved must BE walking Consciously Aware, therefore able to stand in the response ability of their actions……admit to their ability to make choices in how they respond to you, to life in general, and…….to own the choices they make…good, bad, beayoutyfull and ugly.

2. Each party involved must BE dedicated to facing their choices and where necessary DOing what IS necessary to heal//love where ever their experiences have shown IS so requiring.

We use ONE another [authentically, not in a gross way] to see where we are LOVE and where we are fear……., where in our past we have lost sight of SELF LOVE and where we have mastered it simply in BEing who we are… we are….in LIFE….

Hence the popularity of the ‘mirror image’ clichés and statements such as ‘you are my reflection’ – we see in how others respond to us, how we are being received by another, as well as learning about self from our responses to another, and where those responses are initiated from – what past experience may be inspired into the present by associative conditioning.

3. Progress must BE seen, experienced, felt, shared.

4. Progress must BE enough on each side to show, feel, BE in an expanded state of LOVE Consciousness- in other words you should be moving towards being more of the i in we you love yourself to be, being in this relationships as opposed ot the opposite.  Keeping in mind… here it may get a little tricky…..that as you journey CONSCIOUSLY along with ONE, you will go deeper and deeper into the deepest rooted fears that YOU have withIN [as well as the love….] – in other words, that which surfaces in the BEginning will pale in comparison to that which IS shown later on…….HOWEVER….if YOU have BEen consciously journeying all along, then that which shows later on, however “greater” in intensity it may BE, should BE much more easily journeyed through… greater depths of love should also BE surfacing.

Blissings for Authentic Reltaionships based withIN ever expanding LOVE Consciousness for ALL of WE, ALL~ways.***

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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