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Internalization and Integration, Harrison Klein, Part III, The Acceleration Process

Part III – The Acceleration Process

Read Part I:  Internalization and Integration, Harrison Klein, here.

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Okay my LOVElies, are we feeling empowered in our aligned BEingness or what?!?!
LOVE’n Life!

Let’s give our SELF a Great Big Hug shall we?
Come on, YOU CAN DO it!
Having a yucky day?
That’s okay, just think about anything about YOU, at any time in YOUr experience of BEingness that YOU were/are really proud of, and think of that, NOW.  Let the SELF LOVE shine, shine, shine!
YA, YA, YA!!!

Melodies of LOVE

Melodies of LOVE

There is soooooooo much to BE LOV’n SELF for, sooooooooo much to BE appreciative and greatFull to SELF for, YOU exist! That’s a MIRACLE, that YOU, in YOUr infinite BEingness manifest!
From nothing more than two little cells, YOU CREATEd 80 TRILLION cells that is the ALL that YOU are!
And that’s BEfore ya even took yar first breath of air upon our Earth School! BEfore ya learned how to walk and talk – and YOU did that!
YOU CREATEd YOU and then, YOU BEcame the BEing YOU are today, walking, talking, thinking, feeling, DOing, soooo many things!
We learned how to use the potty – major accomplishment – trust me, just ask YOUr parents, or ANY parents!!!
We learned how to write, dance, sing, play, colour, build, run, laugh, hold hands, kiss, WHEW, I’m gett’n ALL overwhelmed with the AWEsomeness of WE!

Yup, ALL those things that we think are soooo little, so insignificant are really HUGE feats of mastery and YOU did it!


Am I sens’n some disBElief?
Well, Yar in the Perfect Place!!
That’s exactly what we’re gonna explore today ☺

Yup, that’s right, in our last two adventures of Internalization and Integration we journeyed through the 5 steps of manifestation: “BE-Think-Speak-Act-Receive”, and the Alignment of our Trinity- our conscious states of BEingness: “Conscious, SubConscious and SuperConscious”.

It's ALL Within, Painting by Ralph Koegel

It's ALL Within, Painting by Ralph Koegel

Today, we are gonna delve into the acceleration process of using our aligned conscious states of BEingness to manifest our intended experiences in life, and Yup, YOU guessed it, it ALL has to DO with BElief.

Okay, so we’re following the 5 steps of manifestation, we’re asking questions of our subconscious regarding those areas that we are experiencing “challenges” within – which as YOU will recall, we like to call here @ Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s Internet Lotus, Fulfilled Destiny S3, “OPPORTUNITIES”, and we are receiving revelations revealing answers to these questions and thus opportunities for us to face and HEAL these FEARs contained within our subconscious BEingness.

We are sending out aligned vibrations of our intentions into the Universe and……….weeks go by, months, for some, even years……….
HEY!!!! Roni/Rhonda what’s going on here???
I’m DOin EVERYthing YOU said, and it’s still not working.

Big problem many faced, especially after watching the movie “The Secret”.
The movie opened up many to TRUTHs, awakened many to aspects of SELF they may have otherwise not KNOWn and for this, enormous Gratitude and Appreciation to Rhonda Byrne and ALL the ‘

Masters/Teachers’ whom made the movie possible.
Seriously, MAJOR shift in GLOBAL consciousness as a result of that movie and we are ALL blessed as a result!
Still, many have not seen the manifestations of their intended experiences physically realized.
I KNOW, YOU ARE asking questions and YOU ARE facing FEARs, embracing SELF in LOVE and healing immensely……….
Life is a journey, a continuous adventure expanding ever deeper into the infinite recesses available from/to which, we may LOVE SELF and thus ALL.

With the Gift of Awareness, comes the realization of the infinite KNOWledge, SELF LOVE, awaiting our grasp.

In so DOing we must also look to our CHOSEn state of NOW. What are the “Mind Conversations” that YOU are having with SELF.
When something YOU have intended has not manifested in accord to the time line YOU set forth, are YOU greatFull for the opportunities that WERE presented for additional healing, perhpas gifts YOU were not seeing, not awares to, BEcause YOU were too focussed on looking for a specific ‘final’ outcome?  Are YOU disappointed, perhaps even a little angry, with the Universe and thus SELF?
When things DO not go as we would like them to, there IS a reason!
There really is.
As with ALL things, it is an opportunity for YOU to LOVE SELF more fully, more deeply, more completely.
This can take quite a steadfast BElief in SELF and in what YOU are seeking to manifest.
Are YOU sure that which YOU are seeking to manifest is that which YOU TRUEly desire?
This is an opportunity to delve more fully into this question, into YOUr BEingness, and do a ‘check up’ on that which YOU have dedicated YOUr SELF to manifesting.
Is YOUr focused intention one that is incomplete?
Perhaps for example, YOU have CHOSEn to manifest Wealth.
Money, in and of itSELF is nothing more than a processed TREE.
What is a piece of paper going to DO for YOU?
Perhaps then, we should BE asking, what am I going to DO with this piece of paper.
Well, for some, they want to manifest wealth, so they can provide a more healthy environment for their family, a ‘

healthier home’. For others, it is starting a business, and then, what is that business that they wish to start and WHY? What will it bring into their lives and what purpose will it serve for the greater good? What will it provide for the rest of we, to whom it would BE, after all, serving.
And what in their life, right NOW, emanates WEALTH?
Where in their life, right NOW, are they expressing gratitude for Wealth?
Are they appreciative for the wealth they DO have, for the money in their pocket, the wealth of opportunity, friends and family?



Some want to manifest a LOVing, committed, intimate relationship. Okay, but WHY?

If we are NOT LOVing SELF, NO ONE is going to BE able to make us feel soooo LOVEd that we will suddenly LOVE SELF, ‘cuz we won’t BE able to see ALL the LOVE they are giving to us, ‘cuz we aren’t in a position of FEELing worthy to so receive.

Soooo, what is YOUr reason for wanting that which YOU want?
Is it BEcause YOU want someone with whom YOU can intimately express ALL the LOVE that is within YOU?
Is it BEcause YOU want to share in life’s pleasures and joys?
Where in YOUr Life, right NOW are YOU sharing in life’s pleasures and joys? With whom right NOW, are YOU able to express the LOVE that flows within and through YOU?
Are YOU FEELing gratitude and appreciation for them?
Are YOU noticing they are there, right NOW, in front of YOU?
Are YOU enJOYing that which YOU have right NOW?

Are we noticing a little trend happen’n here?
Yes, YOU have asked questions, however, how deeply have YOU looked?

We started with looking at our own life experiences, past conditioning that may BE standing in our way, but NOW, we gotta look to that which we are intending and really KNOW, that which we want is TRUEly what we want, and even more so, BE GreatFull and Appreciative for any and ALL aspects of that which we TRUEly want that ALLready ARE. Yup, even the small stuff.

For example, ya may BE one whom is seeking a loving intimate relationship.
YOU DO LOVE SELF, have LOVEly friends and family, however, YOU are single and living alone, save for YOUr two little adorable kitties.
Are YOU LOVing them? Appreciative that YOU have them in YOUr life? Are YOU expressing this gratitude and love? Are YOU experiencing it?
The MORE we DO, think, speak, feel a certain way, the more energy we expend upon it and thus the greater our vibrational Affect. The greater our vibrational affect the greater our received Effect.

In moments when YOU look around and see things that aren’t going YOUr way, are YOU looking to see WHY? Are YOU asking what the lessons made available are? What opportunities for YOUr own personal growth and thus preparation to RECEIVE ALL that YOU desire manifest in YOUr life?



Here’s a little example- of my own ☺
It was 16 years ago, 1993, I was 22 turning 23, and away in Amsterdam, staying is the cutest little hostel, when I was struck with a revelation. Imagine, I thought, living a life like this, having complete strangers coming into YOUr home, sharing in life’s experiences of LOVE, inspiring one another into greater and greater heights of transcended, enLIGHTened BEingness.
Boom, the BEginnings of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary was born.

Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary

Sanctuaire Soul's Sanctuary

Well, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary was NOT registered officially until I was 30.
That’s 7 years later.
However………….in the time between, I worked in a bar/restaurant, serving up food and fun for folks dropp’n by, produced theatrical stageplays, continued my diligent and devoted independent scholarly studies whilst providing enLIGHTenment Guidance to ALL whom so sought.  I  was gifted my most AWEsome Universal Blessing, my son, Zion. I BEgan “Feline Fitness” after getting my Professional Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling certificates, moved cities, went back to University for Public Relations/Communications, worked in the world of corporate – garnering a position of VP of Marketing, Advertising, PR, Graphic Design & Visual Design, ALL the while, further expanding upon my ideas/vision regarding the breadth of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary, and ALL that I envisioned her to BE ☺And yet, still, she wasn’t………or was she?

Ya see, amongst the multitude of services provided within Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary are included:  enLIGHTenment Guidance, Fitness Training, Nutritional Consultation, a plethora of FABulous Playshops, and when I met my Starry Soul Sister in 2004, an entire Multi Media with Mind Production Lotus, ArtWave Design, through which we offer, amongst several other services, Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising, Graphic & Web Design – the pinnacles of Communications.

And that’s just for starters………..
The point is, that even though in those 7 years, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary was not even a registered business, I was still manifesting her, in my every BEingness. ALL the experiences I was having, learning, sharing within were PREPARING ME, and more than this, I NEVER gave up on her. I NEVER let go of my initial vision. It wasn’t until I was working corporate in fact, that her name, Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary came to me.
BEfore then, she was simply, ME.

Harmony of LOVE

Harmony of LOVE

Ya see, no matter what my circumstances, who I AM, IS a BEing of LOVE’s Light and that which I bring into people’s lives, whether in a corporate office, bar downtown, or just hang’n at home, is LOVE’s Light.

Remember, we are NOT our circumstances, we are whomever we CHOOSE to BE, regardless of where we may find ourSELVes. And……where we find our SELVes is ALLways somewhere offering us opportunities to further grow, learn, heal and prepare for the next fantabulous stages of our lives and the manifestations of our BEingness.
Had I not had the experiences I had, I would NOT BE where I AM today and if I was NOT where I AM today, I would NOT BE prepared for where I AM going to BE tomorrow……And where I AM going to BE tomorrow will, as ALLways BE exactly where I need to BE ☺This TRUST in SELF, this steadfast BElief I have in ME is PARAMOUNT to ALL that I have manifest into my experience of BEingness.

Has it ALLways BEen easy?
However, I take FULL response – ability for that, for in those moments I lost faith, questioned my life and circumstances, it was ME DOing the questioning negatively, instead of asking what GIFTs were there for ME. It was ME, CHOOSing to see things in my life negatively, instead of seeing ALL the preparation, growth, and opportunities.
NO, things did NOT go as ‘planned’, however, I, from my perspective in those moments of ‘lost faith’, was not seeing the ‘bigger picture’. I was NOT seeing how it was ALL fitting together. I CHOSE not to see, at those moments when I lost faith and BElief in me, ALL the Gifts I WAS receiving.
And ya KNOW what, that’s okay!
It gave me the opportunity {Yup, there’s that great GIFTed word again} to take stock of my life, where I was, what I was DOing, learning, giving, receiving and thus realign SELF with where I LOVE ME to BE.

When we BElieve, we DO NOT lose faith, we DO not succumb to the negativity – of which, in our current {current meaning the last few centuries!!!} global family, there is PLENTY, and we DO this by Repitition.
Yup, I KNOW, another Easy Shameasy answer, and yet, again, it really IS simple.
Ya see, a “BElief” is nothing more than repeated thoughts which then BEcome habits- habit of BEingness.

Ya see, the more YOU repeat a certain thought to YOUr SELF, the more it will come up in YOUr mind, the more it comes up in YOUr mind, the greater YOUr BElief in it, as thus YOUr TRUST in its TRUTH.

For example, if YOU tell a child often enough they are BEautiFull, they will eventually BElieve they are BEautiFull – just like when ya tell them they are stupid…..If ya grew up in a religious family, they kept repeating their Belief in God, and their religion until it BEcame YOUr own. If ya smoke a cigarette once and then do it again, and again, and again, eventually YOU will BElieve YOU are a smoker and thus smoke. If ya exercise once, and then again and again and again, eventually, YOU will BElieve YOU are a fit, healthy BEing and thus will BE.
Our thoughts BEcome ACTions.

YOU ARE BEautiFull

YOU ARE BEautiFull

Our repeated thoughts BEcome BEliefs that lead into repeated ACTions or Habits, and keep us sustained in our focus to manifesting our intentions.
NOW, and here’s the GREAT GREAT GREAT part, when ya BElieve, YOU accelerate YOUr manifestation process.
This occurs on many levels.

First, YOU increase the vibrational force by which YOU are sending out YOUr own intended energies and thus the magnitude by which YOU shall receive.

Second, when things are not manifesting the way YOU had envisioned them to, YOU BEgin to see how they ARE manifesting, in the myriad of ways YOU could never have imagined them to.

Spirit of Butterfly, YOU & I

Spirit of Butterfly, YOU & I

Even when YOU are not sure why something is occurring and how it ‘fits’ into the bigger picture of YOUr intended manifestation, when YOU TRUST in SELF, when YOU TRUST, BElieve, KNOW that the Universe DOes, ALLways, work in accord to the Laws of Cause and Effect, YOU KNOW, whatever is happening in YOUr Life, where ever YOU are, is exactly where YOU need to BE, to get ya where ya want to BE, and thus are Appreciative, Happy, and GreatFull.

Third, when YOU are seeing, recognizing and thus soooooo appreciative for the manifestations that are occurring, YOU are, yet again, increasing the vibrational energies BEing sent out and thus, once again, accelerating the process of receiving YOUr intended manifestations physically.

And Fourth, when ya DO lose faith/BElief in those moments that yes, can occur, again, BEcause we are surrounded by soooo much external negativity –
{and this by the way, can even come in the form of LOVE and Caring from YOUr very own family, whom themSELVes have BEen conditioned by the negativities of centuries of brainwashing upon our minds and BEingness – do NOT blame them or send them any negativity of YOUr own, they really DO think they are ACTing in YOUr best interests – even if they TRUEly are NOT- it is an Opportunity for YOU to enLIGHTen them to LOVE ☺ , embrace the Gift YOU have BEen given to so DO} YOUr resolve to SELF will come in and save the day and YOUr dips into doubt, fear and insecurities/stresses/anxieties will BEcome shorter and shorter and shorter, until they too, dwindle to such insignificance they no longer have any affect upon YOUr BEingness.

Life is what YOU make it. It is a CONTINUOUS Journey and just as YOU receive the manifestations of YOUr intentions, new ones will pop up and BEcome the new focus of YOUr BEingness, so enJOY the adventures of YOUr journey, while YOU are on it, instead of having to look back and realize just how Gifted YOU really have ALLways BEen.
YOUr journey of life is of YOUr CHOOSing in YOUr Every NOW, YOU can make even the seemingly ‘worst of times’ the Best of times.
The Choice, as ALLways is YOUrs, and YOUrs alone for the making!
CHOOSE LOVE my Sweet Earth Angels – it is whom YOU are, after all ☺
Blessedly BE,
May Positive Abundance embrace YOUr Every NOW through/within LOVE’s Light in YOUr Every NOW, ALLways ☺Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

YOUr WHOLE-istic enLIGHTenment GuideLIGHT & Ontological Literary Artist

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