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Is “BEing LOVE” our Authentic Nature?  [Video included]

Whether you BElieve that our “Truth” our “Authentic Nature” IS LOVE or NOT……..

The REALITY IS.……when we are coming from a place of ‘heightened LOVE”= unconditional, non-detached, non-‘egoic’, objective, agape, universal, Love, kindness, compassion, consideration, empathy,…….

….we make Better Decisions
….we Speak in Kinder, Sweeter Tones & Use kinder & sweeter Words
….we Think and Feel kinder & sweeter Thoughts and Feelings
….we are Healthier in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul*
….we ACT in Kinder & Sweet ways
….we make Better Decisions which BEnefit the Greater Good, the Greater WHOLE

Whether you think “BEing LOVE” IS ALL “hippy, fluffy, puffy smoke, tree-hugg’n, flower children, utopian, silly” idealism or not,

the Reality IS, we ALL BEnefit when we CHOOSE to BE LOVE, period.

enJOY this inspirational video……

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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