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It is NOT to fear the darkness within us

The transcendence upon which we flow is one of increasing awareness – consciously – of our infinite connection with each other and all that is, ever was or will be.

To transcend from fear to love consciousness in lieu of the fact that we are opening ourselves to our inherent connection…. which means we are opening ourselves to the good, bad, beayoutyfull and ugly……..the best of the best of us and the worst of the worst…….we must BEcome LOVE that we may embrace that which is our ‘worst of the worst’ in LOVE, lovingly, with compassion, understanding and grace, so we may transcend that which we deem our ‘worst of the worst’, our ‘darkness’ into LOVE itSELF……and thus align all that is within our transcended state of authenticity.

[***Why do I say that LOVE is our transcended or Authentic State of BEing?

From a very basic perspective: love breeds homeostasis…..fear disease……

Unless we are the first and only species that exists for the sole purpose of destroying ourselves as opposed to propogating, it follows that our natural state of BEingness is one that revolves around BEing LOVE as again this is the state within which we are the healthiest, strongest, best ‘primed’ to propogate, evolve, grow, BE.]

***It IS also important to note that when speaking to the ‘worst of the worst’ though this is a journey we must each take individually, unto ourselves with ourselves, in other words, we each individually must learn to love ALL aspects of our selves, to forgive all aspects of ourselves even the really nasty, dark, yucky aspects of ourselves, we so DO, so that we may so DO for/towards EVERYONE.

Yuppers…….that means BEing LOVE to everyONE even those we deem to be ‘unfit for society’ must BE seen through the eyes of LOVE and ascended into their Divine Authenticity.

Yuppers…..that means the rapists, murderers, abusers, bullies, torturerers, war mongers, everyone, all of them, all of we.

It is important to keep in mind that all these individuals whom we deem to be ‘unfit for society’ are in fact amplified projections of each of we.

They are the ‘chosen’ ones to be obvious/in your face/exemplified examples of our collective negativity, our fear consciousness paradigm and they would not be if we individually healed that within us which we are not loving, that within us that is NOT BEing LOVE.  Remember… can not say we are ONE with ALL and then pick and choose what makes up “ALL”…….that which is “All” includes everything that IS, ever was or will BE…the good, bad, BEaYOUtyFull and ugly…..ALL.

We ALL have aspects of self we would rather not have, we wish we would rather not BE, and yet, on occasion, we are, we do, and it sucks……but getting all upset about these aspects existing does nothing to heal them, to transcend them out of the negativity and into the light.

BEing compassionate, understanding, BEing LOVE IS the only way we can release ourselves from the grip of these negative, “dark” aspects of self, and thus make use of these aspects of SELF for GOOD.

The Energy that exists from someone’s anger is scientifically charted as almost identical to that of someone’s passionate intimacy.

Soooo the purpose is to realign the negatively affecting energy with positively affecting ACTions. We can’t do this if we are soooooo busy getting pissed off with that which gets us pissed off, n’est ce pas?

Darkness is only seen as negative because we have created the association thereto.

If we can see our anger as impetus for physical exercise for example, suddenly our anger is transformed into something healthy and positive for ourselves and those around us.

Anger is a feeling………how it IS physically expressed and shared with others is our CHOOSing as is everything.

We feel the surge of energy – how we interpret it IS our choosing and what we DO with it IS also, our CHOOSing.

We can choose to take the surge of energy that originates in a negative place and transcend it into a positive one…….

As more and more of we so DO, choose to be an example of positive alignment, of shifting out of fear consciousness and into love consciousness, more and more of we shall follow suit……as we are so DOing. 😉

It is not to fear the darkness within us – for within each of us does it exist……
It is to use the darkness as a vehicle of light, and thus make the darkness, LOVE.

Ya ya…..lots of love talk……hmmmmmmm could be a key…….

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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