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It’s time to BE SELFish ;D

It’s time to “BE SELFish”…..
…in ALLOWing SELF to CHOOSE to focus upon, pay attention to, think, feel, and BE…LOVE.

YES! that’s right…..

BE SELFish in ensuring that YOU ARE feeling GOOD!
Thinking positive thoughts, 
taking positive ACTions, 
YOU Deserve and are Worthy of FEELing GOOD, BEing HAPPY, BEing LOVE in every NOW, ALLways!!!

Positive Affirmation & AffOrmations are a grrrrreat way to stay connected with our quintessential essence, that which IS the ONE in ALL of WE, our inherent TRUTH as BEings of LOVE’s Light.

It IS that for NOW, until ALL are vibrating harmoniously within our natural melody of Unconditional LOVE, that we DO need to take the ACTions and measures necessary to realign the mind & retrain the brain out of this fear based illusory conditioning and back into our natural state of BEingness which IS LOVE!

LOVE's Heart

Some Positive statements that ONE can make to SELF first thing in the AM, last thing in the PM and through out one’s day include:

~I AM a BEing of LOVE’s Light

~ALL that IS, IS LOVE & thus am I LOVE

~Everything I desire & require is provided to & taken care of for ME.

~I AM the directed Consciousness CREATing my experience of BEingness.

~The Universe & ALL that IS supports ME in whatever endeavours, desires, & requirements I have, ALLways.

~Every Day IS the BEST Day Ever, as Every Day IS exponentially BETTER than the last :)


~I AM an Earth Angel Divine.

~Why IS my life sooooo Amazing?

~How IS it that I AM sooooo BLISSed, ALLways?

~Why IS it that ALL in my life IS sooooo Perfectly Amazing?

~Why IS it that I AM soooo Healthy, Wealthy, & Positively, Prosperously Abundant?

~Why am I surrounded with such BEaYOUty and LOVEliness from my family and friends to the very environment and molecules of the air I breathe in every moment of my BEingness?

~ I release mySELF of the burden of holding onto that which IS NOT 
= fear, worry, stress, anxiety, etc…
ALL of these are mind numbing distractions based within illusion.

If I have the “time” to sit & worry, then obviously 
that which I AM worrying about is NOT, 
it IS a “potential”, as likely to BE therefore, as any potential in the future.

~I CHOOSE to ALLOW SELF to ALLOW my MIND to relish within thoughts of ONEder, Joy and LOVE.

~I CHOOSE to ALLOW SELF to let go of my fears, worries, stresses and strains and submerge my SELF, body, mind, and soul within the energetic frequency of Positivity, Light and LOVE.

~I CHOOSE to ALLOW SELF to BElieve in my Dreams, in my raison d’etre, in my Personal Legend, in that which fulfills me, in that which inspires me, in that which uplifts, assists, empowers and enLIGHTens me.

~I CHOOSE to BElieve in the unseen, esoteric, quintessential energetic essence of my reality creating BEingness and to support this inherent core of ME with thoughts and feelings centered within the Light of LOVE.

Earth Angels Divine,
ONE Universal Family,
withIN the embracing Light of
PeaceFull, LOVing Serenity &
ONE fantabYOUlous, amazing, adventurous, party’n journey 😀

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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