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It’s who you know, NOT what you know.

We’ve ALL heard the saying, “It’s who you know, NOT what you know.”

How do we learn what it is we know but from another one of we. How DO we put anything that we know to practise but through a relationship of some form with another whom we know or come to know.

We are an interdependent humanity…we are reliant upon each other for our very survival. 
We are ONE Universal FAMILY.

As with ALL families there IS potential for fabYOUlous experiences together as there IS for, well, not so fabYOUlous experiences together…….but at the end of the day, try as ONE may…….if you are family…….you are family……and WE…….each and every ONE of we IS…

No getting around it…..out of it…..hiding from it……


YOU can call it something different if ya like……one species, one form of life, one expression of biological and chemical functioning….it matters NOT really, ‘cuz at the end of the day, it ALL comes back to the SAME……


Like the organs, tissues, and cells in our bodies….though there may BE differentiated organs and moving further into our fundamental base, differentiated cells…..different ones DOing different things….they are ALL interdependent upon each other for the WHOLE to function.

If ONE organ BEgins to fail or a group of cells decide to ‘take some time off’, the WHOLE that IS the physical body starts to deteriorate………period.

Of course this is just as readily evidenced in the opposite, homeostasis state of our body’s BEingness. When ALL organs, ALL of our 100 TRILLION cells {there’s ONLY 6.8 Billion of WE} are DOing what they are here to DO, it ensures that the WHOLE body is running smoothly….IS in a state of homeostasis. This state of homeostasis can NOT BE, as we previously demonstated, if some cells or some organs decide that they are gonna “disconnect” or choose to make themSELF more important or less important than any of the other cells of the WHOLE, n’est ce pas????

Imagine if the heart cells decided they were more important than the liver cells and that the blood and nutrients being delivered to the liver should be redirected to the heart. Without the liver functioning properly the entire body would start to collapse.


We need each other to BE.
We are reliant upon ONE another to survive….each and every ONE of we.

In fact, I’ll go ya ONE bigger….if you are ready:

We are but ONE CELL of the Macrocosm of our Earth School.

One cell if you will within that which we call the “Eco System” of our Earth School, essentially the operating system of our very existance upon this planet……and thus wholly reliant not only upon our selves but upon ALL that exists upon our Earth School…..from the animal to the mineral kingdoms and ALL things and BEings in between.

Ponder upon this……..
When we DO, it IS ALLmost impossible not to FEEL GRATITUDE for ALL that and whom we are soooooooo BLISSed with.

OUR very existance would NOT BE without the giving and receiving of our Earth School Family, from the food we eat to the clothes that protect OUR bodies….and so on, and so on.

We simply must BEgin to Open our eyes and SEE that which IS.

Thank YOU for CHOOSing to BE and for contributing and receiving that which YOU DO that WE may ALL BE too. 😉

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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