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K.I.S.S.~~keep it simple shaweet heart  ~*❤*~

Letting go of fears, expectations, schedules,

Going with the flow, following my bliss,


following my bliss IS the energy signature upon which my desires shall BE attracted and actualized manifest into my physical experience of BEingness.

And thus IS Life Bliss. 😀

**It means that even when things don’t appear to be ‘falling into place’, even when things don’t appear to be manifesting that which you desire, you trust that in actuality, they are…..even if you can’t perceive it with your physical senses.…..there is a trust that exists beyond the physical in the foundational level of our existence and thus anything that is made manifest. What is the foundational level of our existence? The ethereal, the esoteric, the unseen, the energetic which as it so happens is pretty much the definition of our thoughts and feelings, n’est ce pas?
You can’t see them, touch them, smell or taste them, but they are there and they have enormous creating potential, right?
Nothing that IS ever came into BEing without a THOUGHT apriori.

Sooooooooooo we focus on our own personal unseen creating potential [our personal thoughts and feelings] ‘cuz that’s where our greatest power rests and BEgins, and thus ‘sets the stage’ for the masterpieces we envision to come to manifest fruition.
From our elevated thinking and feeling place, we then make choices with respect to the physically affecting ACTions we shall take [from the information we share with others to plans we make, opportunities we take and the way in which we so do]……which obviously shall themselves be elevated if their foundational existence is within elevated thoughts and feelings.
As shall be our personal interpretations and thus responses to anything that happens to come our way from external sources, and thus the outcome thereof.

For example, you may be trying to get a project off the ground and have applied for funding which you wind up not getting. How you choose to interpret this situation, of not getting the funding you applied for will determine the course of action you shall choose to take thereafter.
Do you choose to say this is something you need to experience on the way to your project coming together or that it is a sign that the project should go no further?
Kinda makes a HUGE difference in the actions you shall take after the fact, n’est ce pas?

Either way, this is a choice we have to make each and every day in every circumstance we experience in our lives, allways.

Either way, it IS we who decides whether our life is a life of opportunity or challenge, suffering or grace, meaninglessness or bliss.

Either way………it IS our choice…….ALL~ways.

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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