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L’Artiste, an excerpt from my book, “Radiate Soul Light” ©™:  Part 1B
Continuation of Part 1A

No-one has the right to judge another’s passion as less artistic than another. This is their innately driven, expression of life.

Allow me to illustrate this a little more clearly. Think about Einstein, or perhaps the fashion designer who creates expressions of life through clothing. An accountant who works wonders with numbers, cataloguing portions of your life through the beauty of mathematics, much like the photographer who captures that precious moment when your first child is born. Look at the artistry demonstrated in the craftsmanship of your carpenter’s work, or the waitress, whose artistry in communication always leaves customers with the most precious gift of all, love.

Each of these individuals is presenting you with a gift of life, an expression of the experiences available, here upon the earth school. Each of these individuals is an artist in their own right, interpreting the world around them, in the manner in which they most comprehensibly, perceive it.

Isn’t that what art is? An expression of life? A reflection of our times? Our experiences? Us?

Still, there is a distinction for those choosing to express this innate artistry, as their means of living. For these artists, the choice is in the ‘how’, whether that be, shall we say, ‘corporate’ or ‘individual’.

Corporate expression provides one with constant recognition, albeit not necessarily the kind one is truly craving for. However, corporate does provide the momentary stability of a regular income, as the very definition of this choice connotes, one is working for an established business. Hopefully given the freedom to express their inner passions, within the establishment of their employ, and thus are equally, albeit often times not so equally, remunerated.

Individual expression is not so ‘seemingly’ stable, not as guaranteed a means, in expressing one’s personal legend upon the earth school.

Each come with sacrifice and potential dangers.
Although I shall concentrate upon the individual herein, I would like to touch upon, very briefly, one danger in the corporate choice. The most crippling in my opinion, when the choice to express oneself is within the corporate forum.

Working for another, for ‘the establishment’, essentially [usually] transcends to a greater loss of creative freedom. [for the most part in this current now] The choices one has when freely creating, the how, what, when, why, with and for whom, are often times dictated by another’s mandate.
This stifles the creative process, disrupting the flowing momentum of inspiration.
As a result of creating within the confines of the corporate forum, there is risk for potential frustration, aggravation and ultimately personal break down. This is often times labeled, ‘burn out’; ‘depression’, ‘mid-life crisis’, and the like, and can be very damaging to the soul and thus the individual. Something to think about, and potentially DO something about BEfore accepting that AWEsome seemingly ‘stable and secure’ position. Perhaps something to bring up with future employers as part of your own personal agreement to taking any position IS ensuring your creative freedom to whatever extent you are so able and…..depending upon what they – your future employer is willing to provide, assessing whether or not the agreement is one you can live with. :)

Stay Tuned for Part 2A of “L’Artiste”
[to read Part 1A simply click this link]

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

“Radiate Soul Light” ©™ was written by Roni [Rhonda Sheryl] Lipstein in 2001.
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