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L’Artiste, an excerpt from my book, “Radiate Soul Light” ©™:  Part 2A
Continuation from Part 1A and 1B

Part Two: ‘L’Artiste’ as expressed, within the “Individual Forum”

Let’s examine our first question, ‘why are artists so seemingly distraught, whether emotionally, financially or socially?’, as a reflection of the professional choice, to express oneself within the ‘individual’ forum.

The choice of expression within the ‘individual forum’ presents its own sacrifices and dangers. These however, are compounded by a lack of stability and therefore, initiate a greater need for personal belief, and universal faith.

Because we are a society that is run by economics, money, much of our emotions are thusly driven and affected.

Our personal identification, and the label chosen as representative, is our choice as to how we shall present ourselves to the world, and to a great extent, to ourselves.
This is greatly affected by our economic status within society.

I am a failure.
I am a success.
I am great.
I am a loser.

In most cases, the discerning factor between which of these you shall choose as exemplary of yourself, is money.

The individual artist must rely upon their own tenacity, their own personal belief, that what they are doing is what they should be doing, that it is worthy. Then they must go out and find someone who shall agree.

The corporate artist, finds someone who agrees and thinks they are worthy first, and then they do.

You see the difference? The individual artist must first do, and is then hopefully acknowledged, whilst the corporate artist is first acknowledged, and then does.

Granted, to be acknowledged the corporate artist must have something to show, however this something can be an education per se, presented on a piece of paper such as their c.v. The corporate artist can present a listing of past experiences, as opposed to the individual artist, who must present a body of actual physical expressions of their creative abilities.

Stay Tuned for Part 2B of “L’Artiste”

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“Radiate Soul Light” ©™ was written by Roni [Rhonda Sheryl] Lipstein in 2001.
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