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L’Artiste, an excerpt from my book, “Radiate Soul Light” ©™:  Part 2B
Continuation from Part 2A

Often times you hear as part of the description of an artist, the words, ‘seclusion and hermit’. This is why. [see Part 2A for further explanation of “why”] The experience of our society, the realities of our world can become very difficult to bear, most especially when you are in the thick of it.  It’s important to note that when one chooses to BE a conduit for the artistic interpretation of life, they must BE open to seeing ALL that life IS….the good, bad, BEaYOUtyFull and ugly…even if they are dedicated to transcending that which we deem to be ‘bad and ugly’ into that which is ‘good and beayoutyfull’, which as I am assured many can imagine, can BE an overwhelming task.

Let’s go back into the artist’s process.

Alright so, the self-definition of “Artist” has been accepted. You’re putting yourself out there for the world to see. You are sending and submitting your works for recognized public acceptance. You have acknowledged that your self-expression is in fact, a worthy gift for humanity. You do have something vital to offer.

Tomorrow, when the calls don’t come in, you may begin to question, “was I right?”, “who do I think I am, calling myself an artist?”, ”what the hell am I doing with my life?!”, and suddenly you find yourself submerged in a black hole of fear.

And yet, even in the face of this awesome monster, the artist, so long as they have not become consumed by it, is pummeled to create. The inspiration will keep them awake at night, reciting new pieces to be writ, new images to be painted, new sounds to be composed, ideas to be expressed.

The anguish of which, requires creative expression, to conquer. The alternative is simply put, death. Death to the soul, death to one’s inner most voice. The alternative is repressing one’s calling, one’s gift, one’s undeniable ‘raison d`être’.
The phone rings, you got the call!!! Your work has been accepted!! You ARE an artist!!
[funny isn’t it, how so many of we, no matter what our calling, our vocation, our specialty, doubt ourselves, our innate natures, our inherent talents until someone else comes along and provides an external affirmation thereof……]

Now, it’s a month later and the money you received for your last expression has all but disappeared. You have been waiting for the phone to ring, yet it hasn’t.

You need to survive.
You need to provide for your self and your family.
Now what?

You must get some sort of income or you shan’t be able to survive, let alone create! It is very difficult to create, when one finds themselves within the black pit of fear. However, it is equally difficult to subject oneself to corporate expectations. Sure, that’s where the high paying jobs are, just as wholly as you know the reality of living ‘it’, is a sentencing [for many] to creative, and accordingly, soul death.

Manifesting SELF as LOVE

So now what?
Sacrifice the ‘material’ pleasures afforded by the high paying job so that you can get the less demanding, less taxing, less paying job, that will afford you the energy and the time to create!!

Seen from another perspective, “sacrifice” is not sacrifice at all, but a gift of abundance for the nourishing and expression of our Authenticity.
Sacrificing the material is no sacrifice at all, when you are so wrecked from exhaustion working 60-80 hours a week doing something you really don’t enjoy, that any material gain you do garner you haven’t the energy to enjoy either.
Sacrifice IS transcended when we are DOing what we are here to DO, when we are BEing truthFull to our soul purpose, our Personal Legend. Even if we have to find some mindless menial job to sustain us financially, it BEcomes a gifted gateway to our artistry. Our perception of that which we deem ‘sacrifice’ is completely transcended into a gift of opportunity.
To take this one step further, for those who do decide to ‘get the most bang for their buck’ and take the high paying position that may not allow for them the opportunity to create as freely, those with the conscious tenacity to stay true to their Authenticity as an Artist ONEderFully find ways by which they may express their artistry within these positions, [in fact anywhere, always] taking advantage of any and all opportunities that present themselves, and simply staying true to self and therefore BEcoming the Artistic Expression, the Art of their creation themselves.

We tend to lose sight of just what an masterFull work of art we each are as individual BEings of LOVE’s Light. 😉

‘L’Artiste’ may have a very romantic sound to it, but I’ve got to tell you, “being” an ‘Artiste’, or Artist, as is commonly used in the North American English language, is for many in our current societal structure, neither an easy, nor, most definitely, a romantic task. It IS a dedicated expression of our Authenticity, an expression of faith, belief, dedication, commitment, LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL.

Truth be told, having lived life on both sides of the “artistic” and then again, not so artistic fence, having had the luxuries and perceived stability, only to let them go for a life of complete uncertainty, being true to my soul, and following my raison d’être, is the most fulfilling, meaningful choice I have ever made.

To know that you are following the path for which your soul chose to come to the earth school, fulfilling your personal legend, calling upon whatever resources you have within your being, to give the gift of love, unto the earth school…..
….well, what else could possibly compare? Really.

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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

“Radiate Soul Light”©™ was written by Roni [Rhonda Sheryl] Lipstein in 2001.
If you are a publisher interested in publishing “Radiate Soul Light” ©™ please feel free to get in touch with Roni directly through the link provided in the “About the Author” section BElow to request a publishing package.
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