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Letter to Roni from Angel MarIAMme

Dear Roni,

I always enjoy your postings very much, when I feel a little dark, or confused, they bring me light and inspire me in the most awesome ways,

Thank you,

*Here’s one of my latest inspirations, I’d like to share with you:

Becoming the observers of our daily lives, putting our big egos to the side, listening and surrendering all of our decisions and actions into the hands and will of the Divine Source….

This process actually benefits us, our thinking, our bodies, and our whole sense of well being, very much so.

Physical rejuvenation of one’s entire body, mind and spirit is just one of the many benevolent side effects.

Once one has whole hearted decided to quiet the mind every time a problem arises and INstead ask the Universal Source to return us to a state of “right MINDedness”, so our decisions will be made out of a state of infinite Love, bliss, & awareness.

Thank YOU soooooo much MarIAMme for journeying the adventure through that which IS ONE of our GIFTs for the BEnefit of ALL, and sharing sooooo generously withIN the words of LOVE’s wisdom which flow through YOU _()_

WHOLLY BLISSed indeed, are each of we to share together in such magnificence.

Radiating LOVE,

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein,


***To learn ways by which YOU too may CHOOSE to face fears, negative situations, painFull circumstances from a new perspective that IS Light, that IS “right MINDedness” towards manifesting yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness,

Get in Touch with Roni TODAY to set up yOUR ONE-on-ONE journey:

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