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Letting down the walls of protective defense

Life LOVEs BEing a “catch 22″!!!

What keeps us from seeing others as our SELF and therefore ALLOWing our SELF to BE LOVE, to BE LOVing with others, IS our fear that they will not see us as themSELF, which is a fear we share and thus manifest.

ALLOW me to explain;
To protect our SELF from BEing seen as something other than our truth, which IS for ALL of WE, LOVE, we hide our LOVE away.

When we hide our LOVE away, under layers of protective defenses, it makes it difficult for others to see our LOVE….to see the reflection of their TRUTH – as a BEing of LOVE’s Light, a safe, secure, compassionate, LOVing space for them to BE,- withIN/through us.

If others can’t see our LOVE they feel the need to protect themselves and thus hide their LOVE.

YOU can see where this IS heading, yes??
After a while everyONE is protecting themselves and no ONE IS BEing their truth which IS LOVE, and……..further more, on the BLISSed occasion someONE DOes LOVE SELF, and thus reveal their LOVE to ALL, no ONE BElieves it to BE, and thus still, walks cautiously, hiding their TRUTH BEhind/under/in back of protective defenses.

When we recognize SELF in Others,
when we recognize that we are ALL ONE,

we recognize the things another may say or DO that are of fear, we KNOW when an ACTion IS based upon protecting SELF,
we KNOW exactly what it IS they are DOing and WHY and…..
we ARE compassionate, we ARE understanding, we empathize with them, their pain, their fear, we empathize with it, BUT…. we DO NOT own it.

We are NOT personally affected, hurt, insulted, or judgemental by another’s lack of SELF LOVE, or fear of embracing their TRUTH as a BEing of LOVE’s Light. ;D [same, same, either way]

We can not walk another’s journey for them.
We can accept them for where they are and the journey they are upon.
We can wish them well, and if they are so open, provide some LOVing insight.

We can NOT make another see the Light of LOVE that IS their Truth.
We CAN walk our own TRUTH, which IS in fact the TRUTH of ALL; a radiating Light of LOVE and thus CHOOSE to BE the example for any and ALL to see that it IS okay, it IS safe to BE YOU….to BE WE, to BE LOVE.

As more and more of we BEgin to ALLOW SELF to BE Authentic, Transparent, Honest, and TruthFull, more and more shall so DO, and eventually the scales that have tipped us sooooo far in the defensive protective direction shall BEing to shift, and we shall see – as we ALLready are ;D – the magnitude of our AWEsome Divinity. Thus shall we manifest physically that which IS intended to BE, that which IS the desire of ALL of WE, our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest consciously, upon ALL levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness 😀

Creative energy streaming forth in LOVing support, assistance, empowerment, enlightenment and the smooth and easy manifestation thereto.

Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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