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Life Happens

Something “bad” happening IS “bad” ‘cuz we have deemed it so.

~a ‘break up’ a bad thing or IS it the gateway to SELF realization and manifest HAPPYness?

~a tumour a bad thing or an indicator to BE used as evidence of yOUR HEALing?

~lack of finances a bad thing or an opportunity to see just how resourceFully abundant YOU are?

~death a bad thing or a GIFT of Transcendant BLISS?

and the deciding factor in all of the above…

Life happens….with or without our approval…..things come up, occur, go down, get done, show up…..they just DO.
We live with close to 7 BILLION family members on this planet and that’s just the ONEs of our species!
Everything that IS has a vibration, oscillates a frequency that HAS AN AFFECT on ALL.

Life happens……
It IS our DIVINE CHOOSing HOW we shall flow through the happenings of life.
It IS our DIVINE CHOOSing HOW we shall CHOOSE to interpret the happenings of life.
It IS our DIVINE CHOOSing to CREATE the DRAMA [however subdued or outlandish YOU CHOOSE for it to BE in yOUR personal experience of BEingness] that occurs in RESPONSE to the happenings of Life.

We write the script, complete with inflections, tonality, colour schemes, and so on, and so on, and so on which AFFECTs-sets the stage- CREATEs our very experience of these life happenings, of our BEingness both in the situations as they occur and the situations to come – as we too are Vibrating Frequencies of Energy AFFECTing the ALL that IS.

The question IS what are YOU CHOOSing?
In the very moments something we may otherwise term as “BAD” occurs, IS the very moment we are GIFTed the Divine CHOICE to…………..


and thus…..CHOOSE the Gift- interpretation, perception, response, meaning of life’s happenings that are……….

SELF LOVing. 😀

….And we ALL KNOW how we feel when we are feeling LOVE, n’est ce pas? 😀


****When the choices YOU have made are making YOU feel lousy……..ASK yOUR SELF if there may BE ANOTHER way of looking at yOUR situation….another Potential Perception, Interpretation of what IS going on. Get out of yOUR situation itSELF mentally and BEcome an Objective Observer of yOUR life.…as though watching a movie. Can you find someONE else’s view of what IS going on? Perhaps a more global or more minutely detailed perspective? Perhaps ONE that has YOU BEcoming the Hero instead of the victim??

Well……..there ARE an INFINITE number of perspectives by which you may view ANY situation. Having said that, I CAN GUARANTEE that there DOes a perspective exist in ALL situations that IS ONE that IS more Positive, that WILL make YOU FEEL BETTER. Guaranteed babay……ya just gotta BE willing to ALLOW for it to present itSELF to YOU and then…….CHOOSE. ~*❤*~

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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