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Life IS meant to BE FUN.**
Oy* I could write a whole book on this:


“Life was meant to be FUN!
It’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s true.
It’s all about point of view.

Even our most difficult moments bring us gifts.
And so life may call upon us to be a bit “philosophical” now and then;
to embrace the [perceived] “low’s” with the “high’s.”

The trick, of course, is gratitude.
Therein will you find both your peace and your joy.

Love, Your Friend….
Neale Donald Walsch”

Okay so I won’t write an entire book – here, at this moment…hee hee hee

Instead, I will just expound upon a couple of the brilliant points that Neale has, as all-ways, stated so BEaYOUtyFully above.

It IS soooooo much easier to talk about than to DO, doncha find…..until of course we actually DO, and then…..generally speaking we find ourselves saying things like “this was not nearly as complicated~~difficult~~time consuming~~energy draining as I had thought it would BE.”

Funny how things, life, operates like that, huh?

Same goes for [if not more pointedly affected by] our perceptions, interpretations and responses to life itSELF.

Yuppers……it really DOes feel, seem, appear to BE quite the difficult task, in fact most would say, an impossible task of complete and utter whoo-ha, not to mention delusional indulgence.

“Be grateful for what ya don’t have?
Be thankful for the things in your life that suck?
If I say it’s wonderful, even if it hurts beyond hurts, it’ll make it okay?”

That’s where we hear statements like:

“Hahney…….are you on something???
Sweetie, did someone put something in your food or drink?
Um…..are YOU feeling what I’m feeling ‘cuz there ain’t nothing to be thankful for here!!!”

Yup, yup, yup, been there, done that, heard that, heck there have even been times I was on the other end of this discussion……..

 We’ve all felt the elation of life’s blissings, the love        affair with life- when all in our lives are going smoothly and wonderful things are manifesting like magic 😀 [ya we ALL LOVE those experiences*** and blissings sent forth to one and all that these BE the very experience we call “life” itSELF for each of we] as deeply as we have our passionate disappointment and disdain for life when things, no matter what we seem to do, just don’t seem to be materializing into anything substantial.

Yup….up, then down, in, then out, full, then empty, and round and round we go again until…….

We make a decision to get off the manic treadmill of fear consciousness and delve head first, whole body, mind and soul into the spiralling vortex of radiating LOVE Consciousness.

It’s quite the dive……quite the leap…..ya gotta BE willing to get wet, I’m talk’n soaking wet, down to the bones wet, penetrating every molecular cell of yOUR BEingness soak’n wet with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Yup……..diving in soooooooo deep that your senses are bursting, bursting I tell ya with sooooooooo much LOVE there IS no room for anything other.

You got me……kinda like when one dives way down deep into the ocean, their ear drums can just boof, bam, wammo, POP.*

Well, this IS kinda like that, without the pain, suffering or “pop” and just a whole lotta ALL over WHOLLY Encompassing LOVE.

Indeed, to experience that which Neale talks about above, to live a life that is seen, heard, touched, tasted, experienced as fabYOUlous, as ONEderFull, as LOVE, IS to delve in soooooooooooo far that like a radical extremist, the thoughts, feelings, ideas, actions of anything else simply do NOT exist within the realm of our ACTive Consciousness.

Hmmmmmmmmm sounds sorta like we BEcame with Fear Consciousness, n’est ce pas????

Imagine……..people actually justifying……yes, justifying– as in stating that it IS a just and righteous action to KILL innocent babes in the quest for a few grains of sand.

And yet, sadly, yes, really…….

How many of our brothers and sisters have died and with the full support of their surrounding communities for something that was never ours in the first place to be fighting over.

Just curious….did anyone ever ask Mother Earth if she was for sale?

Nehoooooo, I apologize for my digression…….sooo easy to get taken away when allowing fear consciousness the light of day, n’est ce pas. We have BEen trained very, very, very well.***
Well…..let’em get a hold of the conscious ACTion we are CHOOSing to take NOW.***** 😀

Soooo back to where we WANT to BE….living a life of blissFull glee, letting go of our fearFull ways and inviting, welcoming, receiving, embracing and integrating LOVE into our lives.

All that I mentioned above about people justifying and then actually killing innocent babes over grains of sand, well, yup, it’s true….and we can carry on from that consciousness perspective, we can look at our lives and see ALL the things we do NOT have…..we can look at our lives and yes, it’s right there, and we can see and sometimes even feel all the pain that is in our lives, OR……..

We can SHIFT our Focus onto ALL the fabYOUlousness that IS our lives…….

It’s a VERY VERY VERY VERY small shift of consciousness, as HUGELY Gargantuan of an affect/effect it may BE within the manifest experience of our lives, when shifting from fear to love consciousness.

And day by day, little by little, choice by choice, we ARE DOing it.…we are making the CHOICE to “look on the bright side”, to send forth our own personal [and EXTREMELY PowerFull] energetic signature of LOVE to make manifest life for ALL of us as intended to BE…..PeaceFull, United, BlissFull, Fun, Adventurous, Party’n Serenity. ;D

And day by day, experience by experience the things we “don’t have”, the “not good enoughs”, the “pains, suffering, and agony” ARE diminshing and in their place gratitude, exhaltation, reverence, humility, honour, blissFull joy, and LOVE.

**A very quick little example of inspiration [speaking directly to perceived and felt mental, physical & spiritual pain & suffering, gratitude & love] to send us on our way…….a little personal ditty from my own ‘nuclear’ family. [whom I gotta take this AWEsome opportunity to say, I am most elated, deLIGHTed, honoured, humbled, proud, and grrrreatFull for and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE***]
My [birth] sister, Elana was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the tender age of 32.
She has in the 7 years since, been on so many different treatment plans, taken so many different drugs, medications, natural remedies many of which have left her completely incapacitated for days if not weeks on end. And hahney, I gotta tell ya, it ain’t no picnic in the park.
And I’m not even getting into the near death surgeries, coma, and other experiences she has ventured through…..
Needless to say, if anyone I know has the right to ‘bitch and complain’, it’s my sister.

But ya know what………in the dregs of “suffering”, when her body is aching and feeling like it just got hit by a mack truck, her hair has all fallen out, and she hardly has the energy to keep her eyes open let alone acknowledge her young daughter, she and ALL of we are GRrrreatFull…….

Grateful that she IS, grateFull that she has the abilities she DOes have…whether that’s to sit up in bed and say “hey”, walk downstairs and have a meal with her family, use the washroom or just turn over in bed……we are greatFull for that which IS and ya know what………in 7 years, standing face to face with death itself, my sister IS.

***Special Blissings sent forth that she continues to BE in her physically manifest form in ever increasing health, happyness, comfort, ease, joyFullness, and positively expanding abundance in all areas of her life, today, tomorrow and ALLways.***


It’s a choice, a choice my sister made, a choice my entire family made, a choice we can all make in how we want to experience life, and without having to come face to face with death itself to so do.

It’s a choice………
What are you choosing?





Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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