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When we find ourselves in an “obvious state of limbo” – [ie; loss of employment, seeking new home, in the middle of an illness, waiting for ‘their’ call] – for many of we, a feeling of discomfort arises almost automatically….sooooo fearFull have we BEen trained to BE in the face of unseen reality.

Funny thing IS BEing in this state of obvious limbo, we fail to recognize that our lives ARE a state of ever lasting “limbo”……from Now to Now we know NOT what shall BE….even when we think we KNOW…..even when “the writing IS on the wall”, TRUEly we KNOW not, for withIN each and every NOW are an INFINITE number of Potential Possibilities that may occur. Even within the humdrum mundane of our routine every day lives………can the INFINITE Possibilities of life manifest BEfore our eyes.

In the face of the ‘obvious limbo’, and………in our ‘day to day mundane routines of life’ we have TWO choices withIN the infinite of possibilities we face………[essentially – even though here too within these ‘2’ our choices are infinite….hee hee 😉 ].

These Choices BEing………

Focus on what YOU WANT to happen..……focus on GOOD things, thoughts, feelings, interpretations, definitions, imaginations, visions, LOVE manifesting in your life. Yup, even withIN the mundane every day can we BE envisioning little faeries of LOVE’s Light actualizing BEfore our eyes and granting us fabYOUlous wishes……really! Did I not mention – it’s INFINITE what we may focus upon……what frequency of energetic harmony we shall choose to send our own personal energy out into the sea of all upon.


We can do what most of us have been soooooo well conditioned to DO which IS…. focus on all [ok lets be serious here…..its only ‘some’ as opposed to ‘all’, a smidgen really within the realm of infinite ] of the BAD things that MIGHT occur, on the fears about being in a place of unknown [as if our entire lives are not spent there, when in fact that IS the very nature of our lives….], and thus send out that frequency into the sea of all, opening a channel to that fear frequency between us and the sea of all.

ONEder’n which choice everyONE wants to make…… that’s a toughie! 😉

ONEder’n why and then how we can make the choice we want to instead of the one we really don’t want to but have just been so well trained to make……..

yup yup yup
as the saying goes my lovelies;

Practise makes Purrrrrrrrrrrfect*

If at first ya don’t succeed……try, Try, TRY again!

Let Go of the fears, the doubts, worries, stress, anxiety, etc…, and…..
Jump in, Dive in, Surrender, Submerge yourself into the loving embrace of LOVE and the thoughts and feelings thereof.

Try Again
Try Again

Surround yourself with positively reinforcing stimuli of all forms and kinds continuously to assist yourself. CHOOSE the sources of information you let in, you listen to, give weight and credence to. Let go of the ‘standards’ – let’s face it, watching the 6pm news hasn’t exactly BEnefitted most of we in adopting a positive mind set based in love now, wouldn’t ya agree??? And onederfully, another act of/opportunity to Trust in Love, Trust that you will still be connected and ‘in the know’ of that which ya need to be ‘in the know’ of. 😉

Consciously CHOOSE LOVE…….

It DOes get easier!!! Promise!
And amazingly when ya so do, so too DOes that which YOU are consciously assisting into acutalized manifest reality, actually manifest. ~*❤*~

In any NOW the “only” way to go IS LOVE*****

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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