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LOVE does not discriminate

“If LOVE IS Universal, no one can be left out.” Deepak Chopra

Yuppers….even those we ‘despise’, are ‘repulsed’ by, are in truth acting in ways that they do out of a desperation for love.
Futhermore….they too are just as much a part of the whole to which we are ALL ONE.
They too are “In Lak’ech Ala K’in” – another YOU.

We have seen what responding through fear to those who do not ‘conform’ to our rules and regulations for what we deem to be standard and accepted behaviour has resulted in……overcrowding in our jails, repeat offenders, enslaved populations, war…….

There ARE alternatives…….

It BEgins by CHOOSing the MOST LOVing alternatives available.
And ONEderFully enough there are even examples TODAY of some of these alternatives in ACTion….

**For example** check out how Norway [jailing system] deals with ‘rehabilitating’ those ‘desperate for love’.
Or for a closer example….and one you can try out right now….just see how others respond both in their overall demeanor and to you directly when you treat/speak to them lovingly, call them a sweet nik name, point out a positive aspect to their BEingness, as opposed to pointing out their ‘weaknesses’ or areas requiring growth. 😀

It may seem counter intuitive to the majority of we currently, but that is only because we have been conditioned to see through eyes of fear instead of love.

It may seem completely insane and utterly ridiculous and yet, as we DO, respond more and more from LOVE instead of react from fear we shall see the growing number of individuals choosing to emulate this choice of conscious BEing, and thus the decreasing number of those not.

To our growing Universal Family of LOVE Consciousness. May we BE the forebearers of our Earth School’s children of LOVE’s Light manifest in every aspect of our collective BEingness.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni  ~*❤*~

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