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Magical Manifesting Mavericks and Mavens

We live in a world starving for miracles and magic yet not BElieving therein.

Want the magic and miracles in your life to manifest?


We have spent a lot of time focusing on what we can see and believing in the worst case scenario of what we can’t see….how’s ‘bout we try something new for a change?

Let’s CHOOSE to focus on those thoughts, feelings, imaginings of the best case scenarios for a while, putting our faith, trust, and BElief in the positive alternatives/potentials manifesting.

***Funny thing this thing we call life and experiences is/are…..

Even though we like to focus on what IS – the seen, the physically sensed reality, the factual truth is that which IS can be changed in an instant……poof, just like that, by that which remains unseen…..until of course it is seen. 😀

Soooo really we are ALLways putting our faith, belief, trust in the unseen……..we are just basing it on the past instead of the infinite potential of the NOW.

Let’s put some faith, trust, belief, focus, attention, weight on the infinite potential and do so from a perspective of positivity, magic, miracle, light, LOVE and see what happens when we do. 😀

I look forward to hearing from each of YOU magical manifesting mavericks and mavens.**

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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