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Making our Desires work for us

There is ALLways something MORE, better for us to BE and DO…..

We live in a world of INFINITE potential/possibility.
Each time we arrive at a new threshold there IS another awaiting our experience.

The ‘trick’ IS to enJOY each experience for itSELF and ALL the gloriousness that comes with it… opposed to waiting in anticipation for the next one or lamenting over the last one.

Pretty self explanatory, n’est ce pas? If you are so busy anticipating or lamenting you leave no room to actually enJOY the life you are living while you are living it.
There is only ONE NOW…….it IS constant……true, it IS infinite, true, yet again, but if we spend it anticipating what shall come after it or worrying about what came before it, we shall miss ‘it’ altogether.
Our lives are lived in the NOW.
Our mind’s focus can BE anywhere we so choose for it to BE…….including withIN the miraculously magickal brilliance of the NOW we are simulataneously experiencing and co-creating….talk about magickally miraculous indeed.***

To experience the majesty, the miraculous, the magickal that is life, that is YOU, that IS ALL, find yOUR Bliss where ever YOU are…..even if it’s not where you had intended or wanted to BE.  [and when you are in a place where you need to honour that which is NOT your bliss, BE there, honour that which is NOT, but do so in conscious awareness thereof…..that you ensure you do not get stuck therein and can once again BE withIN the state of BEing that IS our Authentic state of optimized homeostasis.]

Seek it out, your bliss, the things within your NOW which bring you blissFull feelings, thoughts, inspiration, motivation, calm, relaxed knowing and BEing. Look for the ‘good’ in whatever form thereof you can perceive, in every situation you find yourself within. Indeed, look beyond simply looking for the ‘good’ and look for the ‘good for you’, in fact, go beyond that and look for the ‘good for your intended vision/purpose/desire’, and then…….. go BEyond simply looking for the good for you and your intended objectives and look for actual manifest materialized examples of your intended vision in any NOW within which YOU find yourself.

It may not look quite as you had imagined, your bliss and/or your vision. It may seem to BE much bigger or much smaller, much more obvious or much more subtle, or presented within a package you could never have imagined altogether. Look with your eyes consciously focused on that which you are seeking, for examples of the universe/life/energy/love assisting you in your life, assisting you to fulfill your destiny, to experience your personal legend, to be the you, you love yourself to be.

Have faith that YOU are where YOU are, where ever that may be, with purpose and reason and that purpose and reason IS a Good one for the highest HAPPYness and BEnefit of your self, your vision and ALL.

When we seek the love, the light, the bliss, we invariably shall find it, however subtle, meak, or obscure it may be.

When we find the bliss we seek, we automatically feel a sense of calm, relaxation, nurturing, care, compassion, and GRATITUDE for the bliss that IS.

Again, however small, meak or subtle this may BE, feeling some gratitude is better than none, n’est ce pas? And as we know, energy flows where attention goes……

Focus on that which brings forth gratitude within your heart, body, mind and soul, even when what you are wanting, when your vision does not seem to be, seek out the bliss within your external {& internal} environments and thus are you setting yourself up to experience even grander, higher, and more expanded situations of bliss, light and LOVE in your life.*

This is not to say that that which we perceive to be horrible, painful, hurtful, disgusting, or tragic is not, does not exist, or should be ignored.
It is in recognizing that which is in accordance to our perceptual interpretation thereof,understanding that everything that is, is open to interpretation, and still, even in the most horrific of said perceived situations seeking the light of love.
This does not mean in so doing you will rid yourself of the negative being experienced [though it likely will diminish its negative affect upon you] or that you are promoting or supporting the negative [again as you so perceive it to be] that is. It simply means allowing yourself to be open to ALL that IS, to ALL the possible interpretations of any situation and making room for the light of LOVE that IS, as ALLways it IS, withiIN each situation that IS.

Life IS what We Make it…it IS as we choose to interpret it…..

BEginning by BEing open to, in the very least, the glimmer of light that exists in every situation IS how we BEgin to welcome LOVE into our lives and transcend out of our fear based existence and into one of blissFull deLight.*

LOVE to YOU***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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