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Managing the Mind

The Mind ….. our automated programmed system of the brain …..

Oh my how very powerFull it IS…….

So much so it can have you convinced that something that is NOT actually IS… each and every one of our fears…..[which we being as powerfull as we are have this awesome knack of wielding into manifest realization].

We forget, because our minds which program our brains, which lock in programs like the hard drive of fort knox, were, for the most part, programmed by someone other than otherselves And………that WE~ the “I” in “ME” that IS “WE” actually has ALL the Power to CHANGE ALL the programming at our will.

We have forgotten that if we don’t like the way something feels we can actually CHANGE the way we are experiencing it and thus our associative thoughts and feelings and subsequent actions regarding.

We have forgotten the We inside of the I and ME…….and it was there ALL along….just upside down…..[hee hee hee – M vs W– ha ha ha sooooooo much symbolism in that one…..ha ha ha]

Yup, yup, yup, and just like the galactic alignment, coming from one side of the milky way ‘equator’ to the other…….as we transcend from one ‘grand era’ into the next, we are “switching sides” as it were…….coming into the realization that the “I” in “ME” is really the “I” in “WE”…….

Welcoming the reprogramming Ascending Transcendence into LOVE***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Roni ~*❤*~

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