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‘Manna-festing’ Mantra:

Today IS the BEST Day Ever, as I Openly Welcome and Receive the Abundant, Positive Gifts of my Heart’s Desires, awaiting my embrace and propelling me forward as I ‘manna-fest’ my HIGHest HAPPYness, BEnefitting ALL of WE in our eternal NOW. :)


Morning Mantra

….whilst still lying in bed……the moments between waking and getting up out of bed:

Today IS gonna BE a Grrrrrreat day.

Unseen to me are little fabYOUlous LOVE’s Light Faeries, 
[feel free to insert different magical characters, “self/soul/higher self”, or simply “energy” here instead of faeries] 
sprinkling twinkles of brilliance unto me, into my life, and my experience thereof, bringing forth deLIGHTFullness [delightfullness according to me- to how I see/interpret/experience delightFullness to BE] with every breath I take today, and withIN my every tomorrow, NOW, ALLways. 😀

~*❤*~ ♬ Do-Ra-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do ♬



Mind Mantra:

I’m CHOOSing to ‘throw caution to the wind’,

to release my mind’s attention/focus upon all the fearFull thoughts of ‘what if’, ‘how’, ‘when’, etc…

and put my energy, my trust, my faith, my focus, my attention, my empowered state of BEingness, my co-creative manifesting resourceFull powerhouse of electrical impulses into thoughts of that which I desire, into thoughts of that which I require, into thinking thoughts that make me feel fabYOUlous,

and the trust, belief, knowledge, focus, attention, empowered co-creative state that in so DOing AM I welcoming, allowing, ushering in, co-creating exactly that which I DO desire, exactly that which DOes inspire my highest HAPPYness – in whatever infinite number of fantabYOUlously colourFull and ONEderFull ways that may happen to come to BE actualized manifest physically for me. 😀

Which of course then I get to share with ALL those whom I LOVE so dearly. ~*❤*~


Daily Mantra:

Good things are coming to me.
Good things are happening in my life.
Good things are here.
My life IS AWEsome.
I LOVE life.
I LOVE me.


Daily Mantra:

I think good thoughts.
I attract love.
I emBODY love.
I take care of me.
I provide for me.
I take care of and provide for my family.
I am authentic.
I am continually ascending/transcending.
My days are spent in bliss, comfort, ease and joy.
I am the mistress/master of manifesting my intentional dreams.

Positive, LOVE filled Energy unto ALL as we ride the wave of our Manna-festing Energy of yesterday.*** :)

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~


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