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Master the MIND

It IS that we need to “Master the MIND”.

To Master the Mind IS to realize that the MIND IS NOT ONLY that which IS WE….our Minds are conduits of information from ALL sources available, the good, bad, BEautyFull & Ugly. There IS much that traverses through our Minds that IS NOT of our making, that IS NOT of SELF.

To Master the Mind IS to realize that it IS the I in ME who gets to CHOOSE through our Free Will, what of the information our Mind communicates, we shall pay attention to, focus upon, base our decisions, interpretations, and finally, ACTions upon.

To Master the Mind IS to make the CHOICE to LISTEN to the communications of LOVE therein.

LOVE IS the VOICE of our TRUTH, our “HIGHer SELF”, our “Quintessential Essence”, our “Collectively Harmonized Frequency of Homeostasis”, the PeaceFull, LOVing, Serenity that each and every ONE of WE desires to BE, LOVE ❤

❤❤To Master the Mind IS to Master Life itSELF❤❤

BLISSings unto ALL of WE to Master our Life into the expressed Divinity of our quintessential Light manifest.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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