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Moment by Moment

In a world of INFINITE “what if’s” we Can just as easily, if we so CHOOSE, focus our attentions on the “what if’s” that fulfill our dreams and highest HAPPYness.

In so DOing [though so very well conditioned to do the opposite ⇒ focus on our fears] are we ushering in those very things.

We have seen what focusing on the negative ‘what if’s’ has brought us…..let’s see what happens when we DO a little experiment [for a day, week, month……] focusing on the positive ones.

And YES….it IS a moment to moment thing….in other words: ☟

We have, as stated above, BEen conditioned/socialized/brainwashed/trained to think about the negative what if’s for many millenia…..indeed for 1000’s of years we, our ancestors, our ancestors ancestors have been taught to “BE CareFull”, “Watch out”, etc… much so that it’s Automated BEhaviour for pretty much the vast majority of we on our planet today..

Sooooo YOU may CHOOSE right NOW to focus on the good, on your dreams, on the positive potentials in life and the very next minute a fear based thought may enter your mind and whammo bammo you’re in heaviness.

That’s OKAY…….have a look around, see what the heaviness IS, and then again CHOOSE the lightness, choose the happyness.

If it happens again, DO it again, just keep on keep’n on, moment to moment.

Each time, look at the fear that arises, see what it is, why it is, how it makes you feel emotionally as well as physically and then consciously seek out if there IS an alternate perspective from which YOU may view this fear- trust me, there IS, in fact, there are an infinite number of alternative perspectives, so CHOOSE a More Positive one. It’s important to keep in MIND that it IS we whom give definition to anything and everything that we experience in life.

There IS ALLways another way of looking at any of our life situations, another way of defining, interpreting, giving meaning to our life.

When fears arise they are opportunities for us to find NEW Perspectives that are more aligned in LOVE, Gratitude, Compassion and Acceptance.

Remembering, NO THOUGHT is ours until we CHOOSE to own it, and even then, remembering we can choose to let go.

Our thoughts are NOT our own.
Our thoughts are NOT our Mind.
Our thoughts are frequencies, infinite ideas drifting in and out which we can CHOOSE to give our attentions to or NOT.

We have over a million bits/bytes of information we receive in a SECOND by virtue of the fact that we are Sensory BEings, there is no escaping this. We are like transitors radios, only the highest quality and most technologically advanced transmitters you can get your hands on. We are ALLways receiving and emitting frequencies. We DO however have a CHOICE as to which of the frequencies we shall align our attention with, where we CHOOSE to place our focus.

Moment by moment make the choice to redirect SELF back to the thoughts that bring Peace, Serenity, Bliss, and HAPPYness into your life.

As we DO, it gets easier and easier to so DO. 😀

la la la la LOVE*
Roni ~*❤*~

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