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Oh so COOL to BE Authentically YOU*

Funny ISn’t it how vastly the definition of “COOL” shifts with a little wisdom, experience, KNOWledge, and awakening under our belts…..

Remember how when we are coming into our independence [~~teens], when we have a little more freedom to make our own choices, we can’t wait to try all the “bad” things we were never allowed to before….all the things we never had access to before? Remember how COOL it was to try ALL these “off limits” things from alcohol to barbituates, sexual escapades to bad foods, staying up really late to trying out new fashion statements, etc… etc.. etc…? And like bears to honey do we dive in head first.

Some of us, admittedly DO get lost therein and some, never make it out again……

And yet, as we grow [get a little “older”//WISER] the COOL thing is to BE as fabyoulously YOU as we can BE, as ONEderFully ‘me’ as my Authentic ME can BE… external additives to the mix, no need for grandiose gestures or public displays [understanding that ‘grandiose gestures’ is open to perception]…..just the bestest ‘me’ we LOVE ourSELF to BE…….Authentically….stripped naked……just “Me……LOVing Me”…..

NOW that IS TRUEly BEing COOL……..n’est ce pas?

What do YOU think?
Have you noticed any changes in your own life experiences as you have ‘come into your self’, become more comfortable with who you are?
Have you noticed yourself needing less external recognition, acknowledgment or approval from others as you have come to love your self more for being who you are authentically?

Looking forward to hearing from YOU. 😉

la la la la LOVE*
Roni ~*❤*~

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