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Oh what a feeling….

Soooooooo what fabYOUlousness are YOU thinking into manifestation?

It’s GOOD to spend time thinking about what it IS YOU WANT in your life, designing it in your mind – as opposed to thinking about what is NOT in your life or what is in your life that ya don’t like…..

Law of Attraction Angels, or as some call it, Cause and Effect, Karma, Reciprocity, Law of Energy……whatever label ya wanna attribute to it, the fact remains, focusing on what ya don’t like definitely ain’t gonna bring about more of what ya do……

On the other hand, focusing on what ya do like, DOes tend to expand exponentially that which IS provided to like in your life. 😀

It’s also good to look at what IS in your life that IS either:
1] leading to what it is you want, therefore examples of what you want already manifest in your life


2] just things in your life that are good things already in place…..

Feeling good generates more good feeling. Good feelings are inspiring, motivating, accomplishing, enthusiastic, allowing for clarity, peace of mind and relaxed action.

Another note regarding thinking about what it IS you “want”:
– design your life, go ahead, get as detailed as ya wanna, go to town, get out a sketch pad, but then go into///pay attention to the FEELing of having what you want when you are doing all this designing as opposed to the things you are wanting specifically. Put your focus on the feeling of being in the successful receipt of your conscious desires. In other words, that relaxed, celebratory, grrreatFull feeling.

I say this BEcause what we want at any given time is only what we know to date.……ya would never think of wanting a plane for example back in the hip hopp’n 100’s B.C. n’est ce pas? What we want can change when we are presented with new opportunity we may never have thought of BEfore on our own. However…….the FEELing of what we want BEing made manifest in our lives, the physical experience of a once only expressed desire will BE very similar whether that which is manifest is of your life designed or something far more grander than your vision could ever ecompass coming to fruition, which leads us to the whole “let it go” thing…….

You let go of the details of your dream manifest but NOT the feeling.…….the feeling is what you hold onto and then you remain open to the infinite number of ways it may be made manifest into your life….


Here’s to smooth, easy, manifesting in entertaining comfort and blissFull joy for ALL.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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    1. Hudson Mohawk Press (Reply) on Jul 22, 2012

      The movie “The Secret” was a good introduction to the basics of the Law of Attraction but it downplayed the hard work that is needed to make things happen. Thinking or affirming things into being is not really how it works. But change is possible if the Law of Attraction is combined with action. It is amazing what can happen with focus and persistence. I continue to be impressed by the power of the universal message of the “New Thought” teachers of the last 100 years, and the relevance of their ideas today. I always go back to William Walker Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” when I need an explanation of how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. Check out the new updated gender neutral edition at

      • love (Reply) on Jul 24, 2012

        Thank YOU for coming to our site, journeying through our blogs, and sharing a new portal through which our community of Earth Angels Divine may venture to, should they so choose. 😀

        We are ALLways blissed to receive and share opportunitites which provide for the BEnefit of ALL. 😀

        Blissedly BE
        Radiating LOVE,
        Roni & Aline