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On Authentic Relationships of LOVE re: the BEginning stages

It IS important to keep in mind that the “Namaste LOVE” we feel for another upon first meeting IS, albeit Authentic, NOT WHOLEistic.

To LOVE someONE Authentically and WHOLEistically IS to LOVE them when they are NOT BEing, seeing or showing their own “Namaste LOVE”.

In other words, when we first meet, we tend to BE on our “Best BEhaviour”, emulating our “Namaste” Divine BEing, the “I in ME” we ALL love ourselves to BE….we all are authentically.

HOWEVER….as we grow in comfort with another, we also BEgin to share those aspects of the “I in ME” we don’t necessarily LOVE so readily.…those aspects that are NOT emulating the “Namaste LOVE” of our selves and thus DO we start to see in one another the fear that exists therein.

Authentically LOVing someone, an Authentic Relationship of “Namaste” or Agape LOVE [seeing the divine in the other that is the divine in you…….unconditional, detached, objective, humbled, honoured, greatfull love] IS LOVing that person even when their “monster” IS ALL that YOU can see.

And as indicated, we don’t tend to “show”//share that little “monster” of fear we ALL have withIN us until we are more comfortable with each other.

Thus……’tis important to keep in mind when in the BEginning of a relationship especially, when we are swooning, and “over the moon in love” what it IS we are actually feeling so that we may maintain a detached objectivity with respect thereto. When we feel loved, when we are receiving love, the love within us swells to the surface. This love IS authentic, it IS real and truth, however, for most of we, there are fears that exist below the surface which when placed in an environment that is stimulating these fears, brings them to the surface, just as love brings love to the surface. We want to ALLOW for Authentic WHOLEistic LOVing to develop which means we are allowing ourselves to get to one another whole-istically, to feel comfortable enough to expose not only those aspects of self we love but also those aspects of self we do not. It is easy to get caught up in emotions that we are giving more credit and meaning to, especially in the beginning of any relationship, as our own Namaste Love is being inspired into manifest BEing. This is not to say the fears lurking beneath the surface are horrible or that the love between two people can not assist in healing these fears, indeed, all of our relationships are awesome opportunities for doing just this. We are one another’s mirrors. When we enter into a relationship with another we reflect both our love and our fear to one another that we may gaze upon that which IS and take the necessary steps to either reinforce or understand and heal that which is so requiring. Any Authentic Relationship is one in which both parties are given the opportunity to walk their own individual pathways to enLIGHTened BEingness.

Allowing our self the opportunity to get to know one another wholeistically will of course off-set the potential for pain and suffering many go through when discovering that the individual whom they thought they loved so deeply and dearly is NOT exactly whom they first appeared to BE.

The ‘morale’ of the story:


In the BEginning of any relationship, [and pretty much all the time ;D] ALLOW SPACE between YOUrself and the EMOTIONS you are feeling so that you are NOT motioning based on feeling alone [e-motion] but thinking with your heart and FEELing with your MIND.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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