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On Relationships


Relationships – of ALL kinds from intimate to professional to wholly casual have their ups and downs – just like ALL of us. 😀
And just like with ANYthing, which of our thoughts and feelings we choose to give our attention to proliferates more of the same……

Sooooooooo…..if yar hav’n a bit of a ‘down time’ in ANY of your relationships, make the CHOICE to ACTively seek out thoughts, memories, feelings that are “up”, that are reMINDers of yOUR Authentic LOVE/like/healthy relations with this individual.

As with anything we are seeking to make manifest…….feelings of doubt//fear may arise, but NOT for us to expand there upon but for us to transcend there withIN.**

**Of course when speaking to relationships, I am NOT, N-O-T speaking to abusive relationships or to fears//doubts regarding BEing in an abusive relationship.
This IS a wholly different situation.

That to which I speak herein, IS with respect to ‘relatively speaking’, healthy relationships which as with anything, have their ups and downs…..from parent-child relationships to lovers, partners, business associates, etc….

The main point IS we ALL have ‘negative’ thoughts from time to time…..go through ‘negative stages’ which can last an hour, a day, a week, or even a month [s]…….depending of course on the choices we make regarding which thoughts and feelings we are feeding our attentions to.

Negative feelings do not have to be seen as ‘negative’ in the ‘bad’ sense per se, if we choose to use them to transcend into loving feelings.

This is NOT to say that in so DOing are we promoting or otherwise supporting negative behaviour or treatment from others of self.
Sometimes, people, even those we love and whom love us dearly do, DO hurtFull things…..disrespectful things, thoughtless things, etc….
Getting angry and worse still staying angry does nothing for us but continue a vortex of negativity that can easily be ‘nipped in the bud’ as it were.

Look BEyond the negative actions of others.
Allow yourself to look past your hurt, negative feelings to compassion for the other.

Ask yourselves questions such as “where must they be to be acting in such a ‘negative’ way?” or “How can I LOVingly, compassionately perceive this situation in a manner that will uplift it in love instead of drown it in any further negativity?”

Remember at every moment we have a CHOICE – even if the last one was to delve in-depth withIN the vat of negativity, can our very next one BE to rise into the embrace of LOVE.

It IS, in most cases, a matter of TRUST.
Trust that the LOVE IS there.
Trust that there IS a compassionate, positive, LOVing response available, a ‘way out’ of the negativity, and then the tenacity to go and find it and make use of it in the most humble, graceFull way we are so able to. ~*❤*~

The same holds true for things we are seeking to make manifest in our lives.

Manifestation IS based withIN TRUST……doubts can and do arise.
They are not to be feared or dreaded but USED as the signals they are of something withIN us that requires our LOVing attention to transcend out of fear into LOVE.

They – our negative thoughts and feelings can be seen as helpFull tools if you will, in our quest to manifest our heart’s desires, starting with – of course – BEing LOVE. ;D

la la la la LOVE*
Roni ~*❤*~

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