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‘Tis very true, for some, success IS a smooth & easy pathway paved with glitter and gold with every step they take……

for the MAJORITY of we, [even them’s above ;D] success IS paved with what we call “disappointments” and “failures”, and things NOT falling into place soooo purrfectly, or so it would seem.
Success IS maintaining yOUR journey along yOUR CHOSEn/destined pathway. ;D

Life IS filled with ups and downs – of course these are ALL in accordance to our perceptual interpretation of them….

[what IS a huge failure to ONE IS a learning experience to another IS an opportunity to yet another and that which IS to ONE today, changes to that same person tomorrow – indeed our very definition of Success and Failure are subject to our perceptual interpretation thereof, n’est ce pas…..]

IF there IS something that YOU feel compelled to DO….if there IS something that YOU are drawn to DO upon this Earth School, for the BEnefit of ALL, this ‘calling’ if YOU will, this innate, inherent drive IS what we call here at Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary yOUR “Personal Legend – it IS the “WHY” for YOU CHOOSing to BE here [amongst other things of course ;D].

IF YOU CHOOSE to follow yOUR Personal Legend, KNOW it IS a lifetime journey……and for those who so CHOOSE to BE TRUE to their Authentic SELF, SUCCESS in so CHOOSing……up’s, down’s, disappointments, and failures included!!!

The reason the saying “it’s about the journey, not the final destination” IS BEcause we have BEcome obsessed with realizing a pre-determined goal instead of recognizing that the pathway to that goal IS just as much a part of our success as the goal itSELF.  Furthermore, we often can not foresee the majesty with which any goal of ours may take form in the physically manifest.  What YOU may have envisioned yOUR goal to BE may indeed pale in comparison to that which it IS.  These discrepancies in our foresight may lead us astray, as we have overwhelming thoughts of our vision NOT manifesting, when in fact that which IS manifesting IS far greater than we could have ever imagined.  To ALLOW for this manifestation however requires that we “go with the flow” and BE Open to the opportunities that DO present themselves, even when they are seemingly not of our envisioned destination.

WHO YOU CHOOSE to BE every NOW of every breath YOU take IS whereIN you find your SUCCESS.

Did YOU CHOOSE to BE LOVE or Fear?
Therein lies our GREATEST SUCCESS… simply…..BEing.

‎Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary was born TWENTY YEARS ago in a hostel in Amsterdam. 😀
Ahhhhhhhhhhh the memories….brings a smile to my face indeed!!

I was a young lass at the time of her birth, and since then have wandered many a time away from her Divinity, in fact right into the Shark Tanks of Corporate Illusory SUCCESS…..only to give it ALL up ‘cuz who I AM, IS who I AM, and she, S3 IS an extension of who I AM, my Personal Legend, my raison d’etre for BEing [in addition to a slew of other ONEderFull reasons, like ALL of YOU!!!].  So follow who I AM, I did only to find mySELF barren, living “under the poverty lines”, on welfare, BLISSed to BE able to turn to my parent’s, family and friends for some assistance, and yet still…..facing many a time unable to provide for mySELF or my child.

Talk about feeling like a failure….I was making more money a decade earlier…but I was DYING.

Sooooo, which then IS success?????

Making the money and dying inside, or having to get inventive to survive, asking for some assistance so I may BE DOing what I AM here to DO for the BEnefit of ALL????

It IS as “easy” as YOU determine it to BE.
SomeONE else looking in on my life may determine what I had thought to BE “challenging” or “suffering” a “cake walk in the park”, or a “most BLISSed life” and vica verca.

There have BEen soooo many times people have said to me, “Wow, YOU are a single Mom, that’s just Amazing, I have soooo much respect, it must BE sooooo tough on YOU, such a struggle, such a strain.”, only to BE taken aback in surprise at their comments because I NEVER saw BEing a single mom, independently [for the most part ;D], taking care of my son and mySELF as some major example of “Survival”. It was and IS simply, my life and my son IS NOTHING of a struggle – he IS my Greatest Universal BLISSed Gift.

Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary continues to grow, and we continue to DO ALL we can to see her reach my initial vision for her, which IS a far cry from that which she IS NOW, and yet…..there IS sooooooooooooooooooooo much she IS NOW that I had never envisioned her to BE originally……..WOW!!!!
It’s quite MIND blowing indeed.* 😀

And continue on we DO, BEcause, she IS, for us [yuppers, I have BEen uber BLISSed with my Starry Soul Twin siSTAR Aline Ohannessian whose vision was/IS very much aligned with mine- as with many of YOU. ;D] our Personal Legend, our raison d’etre, the physically manifest expression of our purpose for BEing here for the BEnefit of ALL ❤
Thank YOU for showing yOUR LOVE. _(l)_ ❤ _(l)_

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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    1. superkali (Reply) on Jan 9, 2012

      wow u really have a way with words! i am so very happy i stumbled upon your site on thus Cancer full moon morn as i just couldn’t sleep. like the moon u r illuminating my world with your wonderful words of wisdom….thank u Goddess. om shanti

      • love (Reply) on Jan 9, 2012

        Thank YOU for journeying the adventure once YOU stumbled upon our site and for sharing withIN yOUR experience thereof.

        Blissed YOU enJOYed and send forth manifesting energy YOU continue to so DO and share with ALL YOU KNOW and LOVE. ~*❤*~

        May YOU experience only bliss exponentially expanding with every breath YOU take. 😀 _(l)_

        Radiating LOVE,