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on the importance of TRUST

K, so by now most of us are pretty familiar with the statement and meaning behind the statement “law of attraction” n’est ce pas?

Thing is…….a lot of us also get a little caught up in the specifics of our ‘visions’ and the energetic messages we send forth into the universe.

And let’s face it, according to the LOA if ya send forth your vision out into the universe, the universe is supposed to get it and respond by giving you what ya asked for.

Thus do we come to the importance of TRUST……

Rhonda Byrne said that “we should see our “energetic messages” to the universe as “emails” being sent to a non judgmental system that simply receives and responds in like kind to your email requests.”

The ‘catch’ is that when we doubt we are receiving what we have asked for we have just sent another email to the universe saying “i don’t have what I want” and the universe says, “ok, send this individual what they don’t want. ”

Got that?

Good…..let’s move on….

We live in a Universe of INFINITE Potential…….what YOU want, your visions, goals, objectives, CAN come in an INFINITE number of forms………forms you never, ever dreamed possible………and if you are not OPEN to the FACT that your dreams may be realized, experienced, enJOYed in an infinite number of ways, you may completely miss out on them altogether.


Sometimes we receive opportunities that seem completely counterintuitive to that which we are seeking to manifest…..EXCEPT we forget….[@ least in this now] we do NOT see the “grand” picture and how ‘thing 1′ though seemingly completely ‘out of whack’ from what we are seeking to manifest actually is step 1 towards our vision manifest………we simply do not know.

What do we DO?

Ya got it…….


that our vision, our deepest desires, our ‘messages to the universe’, our personal energetic signatures ARE BEing made manifest…….even when seemingly they are not…..TRUST that whatever IS in our lives IS for a very real Purpose and that purpose IS our HIGHest HAPPYness.

How do you think, thinking like this would alter your experience of life itself?

The saying ‘it’s the journey that counts not the destination’ comes to mind and the enJOYment thereof.……..n’est ce pas???

Blissed LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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