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Our Deepest Desires

There are a million different things that one can DO with their life…..we have a few that we deeply DESIRE to DO….BEcause we are so MEANT to.

NEVER discard yOUR intuitive, innate, inherent attractions…they DO exist for a reason. Follow yOUR Heart, it IS YOU leading YOU to realizing yOUR purpose for BEingness, to fulfilling yOUR Personal Legend – ‘raison d’etre’.

Think of it this way, our dreams are OURs…we could have an INFINITE number of dreams, but we have the ONEs each of WE, individually DO. Just as some of us have a natural affinity to certain foods for example, some LOVing Blue Cheese whilst others detesting the mere sight thereof. Our dreams are ours for a reason, Listen to yOUR dreams, to yOUR heart’s beckonings!!

To BEgin to live out ONE’s Dreams IS to FIRST give SELF Permission to so DO.

We BEgin by first acKNOWledging our dreams, paying attention and BEing Aware of our intuitive attractions in life and then, recognize that IS why YOU are here, and thus yOUR worthy deservedness thereto.

A special note need BE mentioned herein whence paying attention and BEing Aware of our dreams. For the most part, ONE’s intuitive drive IS NOT ONE that IS enveloped withIN a specific externally constructed circumstance, or material manifestation. There are an INFINITE number of ways for our Heart’s Desires, our Dreams, these Intuitive FEELings to manifest physically. For example, the individual who has a longing to BE a performer, to “BE in Lights, on stage in front of others” really has a longing to give of their talents, their innate gifts which could BE singing, ACTing, etc….for the entertainment of others.  Their heart’s desire IS not a specific event hall, stage or audience, it IS to touch the heart’s of others with the ARTistic Creativity of their own.  Thus, the ONE who has dreams of BEing a “star” really has dreams of shining their star upon others, that others may feel their own star shine withIN.  This IS how we share our LOVE’s Light :)

All this to say, when paying attention and BEing Aware of our dreams, our Personal Legends, our reason for BEing, pay attention, go to the quintessential drive, the core intuitive feeling of what brings YOU elation, of what causes yOUR heart to stir, instead of what may BE a culturally popular means of so achieving at the time…….physical manifestations of our heart’s desires can take INFINITE form….BE Open ❤

Many of us do NOT feel worthy of living our dreams simply BEcause they are our dreams, as opposed to recognizing that they are our dreams BEcause we are supposed to BE living them ☺

YOU DESERVE to LIVE out & Fulfill yOUR Heart’s Desires, yOUR Special Dreams, that IS WHY YOU are here… BE Happy and fulfilled in LOVE.

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

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